redemption and stars

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On the way back to Amelia's house I asked her all about Andy which she gladly talked about. When we got to her house we washed the makeup off of our faces and put in a scary movie that neither of us had ever seen before.

One of the kids in the woods were being chased by the killer when Amelia's door bell wrong making us both jump, squeal, and grab for each other.

"I got it" she announced as she laughed at our outburst and got off the couch.

"No! What if its a killer!" I protested.

"I doubt it" she rolled her eyes as she walked off to answer the door.

"If it is, you just got us killed!" I called to her.

"Not a killer, but close! It's creepy Pete!" She yelled making me wonder why he was here or how he knew where Amelia lived.

"Don't let him in!" I called in slight panic.

"Too late." Amelia said coming back into the living room but this time with Pete in tow. "He keeps asking for blue eyes." She winked at me.

"Why are you here and how do you know where Amelia lives?" I demanded to know still looking at the movie, refusing to give him my full attention.

"I followed you guys here." He stated and I looked at him like he was crazy.

"Stalker!" Amelia pointed at him and accused.
"Why did you let him in?!" I yelled at Amelia in a high tone which she copied

"I don't know!"

"Seriously? We've been here an hour or longer, if you followed us here what have you been doing outside all this time?" I asked very weirded out by him.

"Just chilling in my car." He said with a shrug as if it was no big deal.

"Double stalker" Amelia pointed and accused once again.

"I just want to talk... maybe somewhere in private?" he glanced at Amelia.

"No, go home Pete." I dismissed him instantaneously.

"Please, Paige" He begged surprising me.

"Fine." I groaned as I got up off the couch. "Only because you used my real name though."

"If he tries anything I have pepper spray" Amelia called as I led Pete into Amelia's kitchen. I crossed my arms and leaned against the counter.

"I just wanted to apologize, for earlier. I know I acted like a total douche." He seemed very heartfelt. His brown eyes turned very soft and I found myself getting lost in them. "I couldn't get out of my car because I was so scared of coming in here. I just really think I like you. You're cute."

"I'm sorry but Patrick-" I began but he cut me off.

"I know you probably like Patrick, I just... I don't know... I guess I just think you should give me a fair chance if you like me too." I realized our bodies had some how gravitated closer together. His eyes began to make me dizzy, and my heart raced at his words. But I wasn't totally blinded by him.

"Your twenty two, Pete." I stated. "I'm seventeen, don't you think people would find that a little weird?"

"You look older than seventeen and I'm short for twenty two." He grinned a wide smile.

"I don't know, I heard you get around a lot and I'm not too into that." I said remembering Patrick told me to be careful of him.

"No. I date a lot of girls, I don't sleep with them... Actually, I having slept with any... you wouldn't say anything though, right?" He said "I don't even know why I'm telling you this." He seemed a little embarrassed.

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