Chapter Nine - Palace Staff

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Chapter Nine - Palace Staff
POV - Xavier's.

I watched as the two creatures jump off the four story building. They came to land lightly in the grass down below and I growled. Annoyed that they were getting away.
"Track the princess now!" I told Landon, who instantly put his nose to the air.

Being a dog for him I guess he was at least good at something...

"She's about 300 yards from here!" He announced as the wind began to blow harshly. "Someone is with her, and he's not of our land."
That piece of news made me hiss. I leaped off the building and turning into my large feline. leaving Landon behind.
Grass tore under my claws, making my stride quicker. The more I got closer the more I could see the two black creatures. The urge to draw their blood making me faster and faster.

Lightning stroke harshly against the graying clouds while rain started to fall. The trees around the school yard battled against the harsh wind while the flag poles, and anything else light enough, shook violently. As if the objects were scared of watching the fight between the two forces. All of them cheering on who they thought would be victorious.
I growled loudly and sprung forward into the air with my claws outstretched.

With newly found courage and adrenaline I sunk my claws into the monsters slimmy skin. Yet again dirtying my clean self. As I drug my claws violently against its back and fell back to all fours I scolded myself. For all I'd been thinking about was myself.
It was the first day and I had lost sight of the rules already!
With that last thought I focused my whole body and mind onto the creature. Reminding myself of the rules I'd lived with my whole life.

The rules were:
1. Be respectful.
2. Focus on the threats around you.
3. Never let your guard down.
4. Be clever and elusive.
5. Protect the royals - even at the cost of your life.

I'd been thinking about how every part of myself/clothes might get some piece of dirt or stain with each task I performed. I had lost sight of the rules when thinking about myself.
She could be in danger and it would be on my conscious if anything happened to her. I couldn't blame anyone but myself for my carelessness.
I am first in command and am supposed to be right there in between the threat and the princess, protecting her for the sake of the kingdom.
The dark creature stood a good twenty four inches above me and looked like it could break anything with just one look. Its claws huge and curled, its teeth small but sharp, and its growl could shatter glass.
I growled long and menesingly at it, daring it to make a move.
I wouldn't be distracted by anything now, I'd get the job done fast and efficiently. I'd complete the task at hand.
I watch as its beady-eyes blink and look toward its friend who had continued on down the field.
"You wont live to see your friend again." I informed the twitching beast. "Don't worry though, for I'll kill you both and you'll rendezvous in the underworld."

I wasn't sure if he understood what I spat towards it, but its head snapped back in my direction when I spoke of its inevitable demise. "You wont lay a hand on my mistress so long as I'm her gaurd."
With that it let out one of those long shrill whistles, making me flinch in surprise.
However, I gained composure, knowing how scared and helpless the princess was in this moment.
That was the thought that made me even more determined in fighting.
I landed a strong blow with my claws, clenching them tighter as to not loose my grip, which was already faltering because of the amount of movement this thing was doing.
Sinking my teeth into it I lock my jaw and it yelps in pain in a demonic tone. It shrivels against the even more slime that came from the new wound and I get off it as it was on the verge of death now. I hissed in triumph when I found its weak spot, watching the beast cower against the ground; its heartbeat slowing down until coming to a complete stop.
It was true I knew next to nothing about these monsters, but that didn't mean I hadn't clued up on some characteristics.
I used rule number 2: Focusing on the threats around me, and of course, it happened like I intended it too.

When I was training to become a servant of the royal family, I went on trips to other kingdoms in order to better understand and fight creatures indigenous to the lands around the Ember Kingdom.
While on those extendedly long trips I learned how to use and apply techniques from rule number two.
I was trained by the first in command of all the soldiers in the kingdom, as well as the last picked bodyguard of a ruler before my time, who had been chosen by the necklace as well.
The trips normally lasted about a whole four weeks, but skipped a trip every other month. In the month I wasn't traveling I was working on other things that might benefit the future princess.
This strategic and difficult training I went through was the only thing I knew, it's my mission to fulfill, the only act I've known since the necklace told me my destiny.
Through out my journey I was very defiant about the whole 'servant' thing. I'd been the second one picked as the princesses' palace staff and was shocked when it happened.
Having been the lowest of my fighting, technique, and survival classes in the whole kingdom every beast and creature paid no attention to me. That is, until that day I stood out of the crowed when the scribes called out my name.

Those testing moments in training had conditioned me and strengthened my view on being a protector.
I owed everything to the princess. Her family had been so kind and accepting of me despite everyones comments and the knowledge of my poor grades and social status. I'd be in debt to the lovely jewel that hung upon the neck of the future heir to the Ember Kingdom. That jewel is what defines my mistresses and the promise of the great future intended for her people and her kingdom.

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