Fate Sucks

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Percy strode through the thick forest, his mind going back to a few hours ago when he killed Chiron. He wasn't lying when he said he loved him like a father. But he works for the Olympians, and everyone that is associated with them will die.

Percy turned right, following a dirt path barely visible through the darkness of the night. Percy however, could see it clearly.

For a moment, Percy heard voices, of laughter. Percy froze dead in his tracks. He recognized those voices anywhere, those people laughing. His heart suddenly thudded painfully against his chest.

Through his minds eye, he saw his family, his beautiful wife skipping along the same path Percy stood upon, with Emma laughing and skipping around her. Luke was leaning against a tree, smiling joyfully at Percy. Zoë sat in a nearby tree stump cross-legged. She was playing with the water in the leaves, lifting them up and swirling them around her.

Percy felt his chest tightening, with tears streaming freely down his face. He smiled weakly upon his deceased family, wishing more than anything to be reunited with them once more. All of a sudden, his family stopped moving and looked thoughtfully at Percy.

'Daddy! Do you have cookies for me?' Emma asked innocently.

Percy shook his head, his eyes growing back to their old self, love and happiness becoming evident in his eyes.

'No sweetheart, I don't. I'm sorry' He whimpered.

Emma looked sad for a second but quickly flashed Percy her beautiful smile. 'That's ok daddy, maybe tomorrow you can bring me some' Emma said cutely.

Percy sniffed and wiped the tears from his face, only to have more tears break through like a broken dam at the sight of his beloved wife.

'My love, you must let go of your anger and hatred. Please, do it for me, my love' Stacy said softly, her voice sickly sweet.

'Come with us Perseus, forget about revenge and just tde?'ecome home with me' Stacy pleaded.

Percy looked at her in sadness, many thoughts swirling around his head. Love, kindness and something else was in her eyes. Percy, being the master assassin he is, looked more closely at his deceased family and noticed many things that were off.

Luke was leaning against a tree just smiling at him. The real Luke would be asking him for food and annoying Zoë. Emma never spoke so fluently and she hates the forest. She is extremely scared of all the animals that lurk there and so even in death, she would never dare to enter them. Zoë, she never practiced her water powers, she was always reading a book and studying plants.

And lastly, Stacy. Never in her life had she ever called him Perseus. It was always Percy or Perce. Then there was that look in her eyes, as if she doesn't really want to be here with him. Whatever was going on here, Percy was not liking this one bit.

Percy wiped his tears away and narrowed his eyes at his imposter family.

'Who are you?' Percy asked suspiciously.

His family gave him confused looks as they looked at each other to see if anyone knew what Percy was talking about.

'What do you mean dad?' Luke asked.

Percy glared angrily at them. 'I said, who are you really? And don't you even think about lying to me' Percy said, slowly returning to his cold, emotionless self.

Percy slowly took out his gleaming dark sword, of which his "family" flinched back from.

'Daddy, what are you talking about?' Emma asked looking scared.

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