Chapter One

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*Emma's P.O.V*

Shit. First day of High School.

I was going to get lost. That I was sure of. I was also sure that I'd probably get a small locker downstairs, the ones everyone warned us about.

I waved absentminded my to my friends, who all seemed to have lockers in hallways across the school. Freaking fabulous.

I groaned inwardly as I checked the number on my little schedule sheet I was given, number 807. Smack dab in a hallway full of lockers as tall as me, which is not tall. Yippe for short people.

My insides did another flip flop as I saw who had the locker behind me. A very tall person, hunched over very far I might add, to do his combination.

Great. My luck.

"Shove it, Chuckles," I muttered, wedging myself between people to attempt my code. It took me at lease five tries. And once I got the thing open, it wouldn't come off the freaking locker! It was old, dented and rusted, you know, which schools think is just like fabulous.

"Having troubles eh?" Someone laughed beside me, leaning against the grey metal.

"Suck a dick Charlie." I replied angrily. shoving books into the small space. I wasn't going to take any of his shit this year. He held up his hands in a surrendering gesture.

"Ve-e-ery hostile. In case you were wondering, the counselor's office is, just down the hall." He smirked smugly.

I narrowed my eyes.

"Right. Thanks." I was racking my brain for a clever comeback, but found none.

He chucked, twirled his lock, and strided away, swaggering a little.



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