Chapter 10: Amy

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"Chicken," Uri murmured into my ear as we danced. I glowered at him as he pulled me close. Even if my avoidance had been cowardly, I didn't appreciate being called on it.

 I'll tell her tomorrow," I muttered, sighing. I buried my face in Uri's chest, paranoid. She'd freaked out a little when she heard what Uri was capable of, even if she'd hidden it quickly. What if my story was the last straw?

 Obviously Uri felt me tense at the thought, since he pulled away slightly, tipping my head up with his fingertips. His mismatched eyes met my blue ones. "Stop this now, Ames. Tiffany. Is. Not. Lily. She won't be a bitch to you over something you had no control over; and if she does, best friend and a girl or not, I will kick her ass for it."

 I grinned up at him. "You seriously are the best friend I could ever have," I told him, my smile so wide it could have split my face. I hugged him tightly as the song changed, becoming a slower tune.

 "Right," Uri mumbled. His voice sounded funny... almost disappointed. Before I could ask him what was wrong, he changed the subject. "After Tiffany goes to bed I need you to meet me in my room. It's a Mythos thing."

 I nodded, and Uri pulled away from me, heading towards Derek and Drew. As soon as we split, Aurelia joined me, grinning. "So... the rumours are true, right? She's Drydan's daughter?"

I sighed, knowing full well that the minute I confirmed it the whole school would know, but it would be pointless not to answer when Tiffany's test was in less than twenty-four hours. "Yes. No one else could have worn eleven negators."

"Holy shit!" Aurelia's eyes went wide. "So what are her powers like? Can she -"

"Calm down, Aurelia. You know full well it takes a day before negators fully wear off. You'll find out in the morning."

Aurelia nodded, looking sheepish. "Sorry. You know how overexcited I get about these things."

I smiled awkwardly at her. I never really knew what to say to Aurelia when she got upset like this. Aurelia Green was a rarity: the only student in the school to not have an ability. Usually children of Flora were born in groupings such as twins or triplets, all with similar powers. Danielle and Mysti, her sisters, had both been born with similar powers, but Aurelia somehow got nothing. All she'd been shown to do was occasionally grow vines, and have a strange liking for figs. The teachers didn't really know what to do with her, but since her sister's ability was so powerful they'd dumped her in Mythos, paranoid that she would develop a similar ability. It probably didn't help that her sister Danielle had mysteriously vanished years ago and was now presumed dead.

Regardless of her family, it was always awkward for Aurelia, since she obviously wasn't allowed to do work as a finder, nor was she able to fully take part in her elemental classes. It had led to her occasionally being bullied, or nicknamed as the 'runt of the litter' in comparison to her sisters. We always stood up for her, but the rare times we weren't there were awful. Sometimes it shocked me that she could be so happy and bubbly. She loved listening to our stories, though, claiming that she lived vicariously through us.

"It's alright. I'll introduce you to her." I grinned and led Aurelia over to Tiffany, who was sitting awkwardly by West on the sofa. West seemed content with studying everyone in the room, though he did look bored. After the introduction between him and Derek, he was probably not in the mood to meet anybody else. It wasn't his fault, though. Certain elemental types naturally didn't get along with one another. Fire and ice elementals tended to avoid each other, and the same could be said for light and dark elementals. As it was, I couldn't get over the part of me that automatically distrusted him, despite barely knowing him. It was frustrating.

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