Chapter 26- Astrid

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      I couldn't focus looking for Vexi because of what happened earlier my brain is still processing what happened when Vexi got shot and when Hiccup actually asked me out. We walked to Hiccup's house to find only Gothi and Fishlegs.

     "Um hey Fishlegs how are you doing?"

     "Hiccup I was meaning to tell you I think there is a new species of dragons. It's like a Nightfury and a glow worm breed. I found a young one in the woods, Heather found it." He tells Hiccup my eyes widen.

     "But isn't Toothless the only Nightfury left? How would they breed anyway a glow warm are so small." I comment.

     "Before I forget and Hiccup drags me into the new dragon thing. Where is Vexi?" I ask Gothi. She was doing hand signals that I had no idea what they where.

     "She says that Snotlout took her to Mildew's farm."


     "Who knows." Fishlegs answered.

     "You know what Hiccup you check on that dragon I will go with Vexi. Okay!" I tell him leaving the house and started heading to Mildew's.

     When I arrived I found Snotlout carrying Vexi up the mountain but it looked like Vexi was in deep sleep.

     "Why are you bringing her here if she is asleep." I ask him.

     "Because I have something to show her."

     "But she is asleep snot face." I teased.

     "Well when she wakes up she will see it then Astrid! Just leave me alone and have fun with that new dragon of yours." He yells walking faster.

     "What are you trying to show her anyway?" He walks near a cliff and looks down. I look down to see a house on the side of the mountain... It was run down and broken.

     "This is it? Why do you want to show this to Vexi?"

     "Because this place looks familiar. Doesn't it look familiar to you?" I look down again and started to climb down.

     "Aren't you coming?"

     "Uh do you see I have my hands full?" I roll my eyes and went inside of the house. I started to remember the house. It was Vexi's house.

     "Hey Astrid do you want to play?" I turn around to see a tiny girl looking at me. She had brown reddish hair that reached to her waists.

     "Excuse me?" I ask confused.

     "Astrid do you want to play?" She comes closer to me and holds out her hand. I held out my hand to grab hers but just before I touched it she disappeared like wind blew her away.

     "Common Astrid why don't you wanna play?" I looked at her confused.

     "I do want to play." I tell her sadly.

     "Victoria come over here." I turn around to see someone else. I gasp, I couldn't believe my eyes.

     "How am I seeing Vexi's younger self?" I ask but they seemed like they didn't hear me. Then I heard someone sneeze. I turn around to see... me?

     "Vexi I need to go home." My younger self told Vexi. She, well me I guess, seemed sick.

     "Okay..." Vexi responded sadly. I gasp as when she opens the door and younger Hiccup walked in.

     "Hey!" She screams as she hugs him tight. I look at my self as I see her blush punched him and left he house.

     "Wait I had a crush on Hiccup that young?"


     "Snotlout!!!" I tell leaving the house and heading toward him.

     "That's is sure Vexi's house I saw the younger versions of Vexi, Hiccup, and me." I tell out in one breath. He looks at me like I was crazy.

     "Astrid did you eat dragon nip again?" He asks rudely.

     "NO!!!" I yell pushing him. I started to walk away.

     "Good luck on what ever you are trying to do." I yell at him leaving trying to forget what just happened. I started walking to the academy.

Hey guys I know I havent posted but I have anothwr story I have to work on too. Just to let you guys know I am making this a series so this one is endding soon. Each book has there own time period. So this is their younger versions. So they are 16 right now. I hope you enjoy this book. Thank you guys for the votes by the way!


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