02.The Stranger(part 1)

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(*Yawn*)..Good Morning Sunshine!:)-I said....

Yesterday I pick up my mom on St.Peters and went home....

I glance on my calendar too see that it's SATURDAY!!!:)

And do you know what means when saturday!??.Uh-uh I think nope..then I will tell you ,,(*Confetti*) (*DrumRolls*)We WILL GO TO THE PARK!!!.YeY!!.:)..yeah I know it seems to be so childish (-_-) but when I was at 6 to 8 yrs.old my dad and I always go to the park when it's saturday but unfortunately his gone..;(...Okay stop with the melodrama it's SATURDAY!!!..

....MOM!!!!-I said

Oh!your scaring me hazel-mom

She's always scary-my brother Tom said in bored tone..

(*giggles)sorry,mom it's Saturday and you (*point at Tom) I'm your sister!for your pancakes sake!!!-I said Yeah I know sweetie so you have to eat first your breakfast then we will go to the park and then to your father's tomb.and Tom don't play with your food!..-mom said.

Kay mom.-Tom

After 20 minutes....

In the Park.

Mom I miss dad..:(-I said

Me too hazel I miss your dad too;(-mom

This park is memorable to me because,I think here in the park,my father and I are always happy laughing with each other,licking ice cream...And shared each others story like sometimes my dad told me he's very much inlove with my mom,and where they first know each other and how dad felt his heart beating fast whrn he saw my mom at their cafetiria ..My dad said it's what you called Love At First Site...

Mom I want Ice cream!!(*0*)-Tom

Okay we will buy:)-mom

After 3 minutes of eating Ice cream....

Mom come on we have to go at dad's tomb.-I said

Ok hazel:)-mom

We stop at a flower shop to buy some flower to my father.And then drove through the cemetery where my dad was buried.....

We walk through my dad's tomb and put the flower....

Hi dad!!:)Did you know I past our exams..YAY!!!-I said as I pinch Tom at his arm..

YA!!!Dad your daughter is pinching me..T^T-Tom

Whatever Tom..w(-_-)w

....You two stop arguing..(*sigh)

Okay, hi hon..We miss you..-mom

Yeah-me and Tom said in unison....

I wish I could preview the time and spend time with dad!T^T-Tom...

I miss dad..But I think he's in good place now and I wish he's just right here at our side...:)

I can't help to cry so I walk around the cemetery cause' I don't like my mom to see me cry..:(

..walking just a few meters near my dad's tomb I heard something or someone like crying?!..I follow the noise and saw a guy wearing a jacket with hoodie kneeling and crying on a tomb...

Suddenly he stood up and walk away...


I arrive back at my car to see that my btother and mother is their so I drove home and change clothes and we bid goodnights' before we sleep.....(-0-)zzZZ.


Hello!!:)hope you like it..




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