01.Meet Myself

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Hi~!..First Chapter..Hope you like it..:)



I'm just a girl, a simple girl , pretty yet kind who have a normal life who eats 3 meals a day, take a sleep, have party with my friends, spend time with my family, take care of my pet but I have a one thing that I want to find, and that is to find my prince charming and spend my day with him FOREVER.-I said

(*Clap-Clap*)-Ms.Eidenburg and classmates..

Ughh!!I hate attentions...

Okay your short poem is nice..Ms.Hazel you can take a seat-Ms.Eidenburg said

When I walk to my chair Ms.Eidenburg smile at me....

Okay Ms.Clarysse your next-Ms.Eidenburg

When I take a seat I glance at the window and think about stuffs like how's my dog? Or is my mom okay?

......Thank you-Clarysse

Okay Ms.Clarysse take a seat..



Oh!.okay see you all on Monday:)-Ms.Eidenburg

(*sigh*)Oh!Thank god the class is finish..I get my things and walk to the hallway,when I spotted my locker I open it and put my things inside..I glance at my watch and hurriedly close the locker and run through the parking lot to find my car and when I spotted my car I hop in inside my car..

Okay!Hooo!It's almost 3:00 , Mom's late-I said

After 15 minutes of driving..

MOM!!!!I'm home!Where are you!?Your late mom!!-I shout.

Okay!No need to shout.I'm here sweetie.How's school?-mom said

It's fine mom.Come on let's go!-I said


I lock the door and went inside my car and drive..

Oh!I almost forgot to introduce myself.!Geez,sorry..Okay where do you want me to start?.Okay hmmmm(*thinkingWhereDoIStart*)

Okay~~.Let me introduced myself.(*confetti*)(*tenetententen*)

I am Hazel Smith,18 YRS.old, have a green eyes , brown hair and slim body, I'm with my last year of college and I wanna be a Author someday ,my favorite book is TFIOS and An Abundace of katherines by John Green it's so awesome!! and favorite color are blue and white Yeah I Know It's Too boyish but.....

Nevermind .okay where do I stop?.!Oh!Yeah favorite food is carbonara,I have a dog name Charlie,I live in Canada,My father died with a bullet on his chest,I have my very cute brother name Tom and he is on his school,by the way he is 7 yrs.old,And here beside me in the car is my very very very beautiful mom name Mia Smith....Btw where here..

Okay mom come on:)-I said

Okay sweetie:)-mom

We hop in the car and went inside the place named St.Peters

it is for the people who has and had a cancer..Yes my mom have a cancer,she have a lung cancer and I think she's good now but she have to stroll a small oxygen tank for her to survive and it's with me:).

When we enter the building I smell a lavander extract..

Okay mom I pick up at 4:30 okay.-I said

Okay be careful sweetie:)-mom

Kay bye enjoy!-I said ...

I hop inside the car and drove home ...Hooo!!This day is very busy..



Hello~~!......The fist chapter is finish....I update soon..




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