Meeting Levi

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Police started to surround us and Jean, Connie, and I were so close to escaping to." Eren, Connie over here!" Jean yelled to us and before we had planned this escape, Jean had made a whole in the fence secretly. We did it! Hah, WE DID IT! Each of us went our different ways and ran off before the police can find us.


I was watching T.V. but then got bored so I turned it off. I went into the kitchen. It was so quiet and lonesome in this house but it didn't bother me that much. I liked it spotless and quiet. I suddenly heard something in my bedroom to go check it out.


I was running like my life depended on it( well it did). I saw an open window and I jumped threw it. I made it just in time cause I could hear the sirens in the distance coming closer. Then suddenly the light turned on and a man was standing right in front of me." What the hell are you doing in my house!" the man screamed." I'm sorry I- I just," I was lost for words, I didn't know what to say." I'm waiting for an answer," he said getting impatient. Then at that moment I came up with the perfect excuse." I was being chased by thugs so I hid in here because the window," I said." So can stay here for the night?"

Hey guys, I hope you had a great Friday cause I didn't. I will probably update over the weekend.


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