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I'm watching

I'm waiting

I feel the cold touch my skin

The rain soak my hair

As tears drip down my face


Never cry

Never break

Never again


It wasn't my fault he never came back

I may cry and feel guilty


It wasn't my fault


They never blamed me

Said I had nothing to do with it

But I know the truth

They don't trust me anymore


In reality

It was my fault


I'll never forget that day

The day he left

The day he...

Dare I say it?

The day he...


The day he fell


Why did I come?

What was the point?

I'll cry forever

And I'll still feel the pain

So I stop the tears

Because I know

No one is sorry

No one cares

No one remembers


Ya so this is partially memories about a family member who died...& partially just random thoughts about death. Well...thx 4 readin! (even though it sucks ^_^') <3

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