The Jailhouse Rock

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Lyric:Wazz good Mrs.Principal!


Lyric:And sitting

She sits in between two girls one on her left has long black wavy hair and a fair completion. The one on her left had a little lighter completion of carmel and black hair that is straight.

Principal:I suppose you want to know the reason I called you here.

Imani:I for one can't be breathing the same air as these two peasants let alone sit.


Imani:I need to get out of here your depriving me of my education

Lyric:Pensé que el director era una perra total, pero ella se limitó a levantar la barra.(I thought the principal was a total bitch but she just raised the bar)

Mercedes laughed

Mercedes:Hablo español, así(I speak Spanish as well)

Warning beyond this point is a racist comment that might offended you. If you are easily offended please don't read forward. Anyway Enjoy!

Imani:Speak English you border crossing fools.

Lyric:That's it.

An hour later

Officer#1:Someone is here to see you Miss

Lyric:Your my favorite

She walks over to the glass communication booth.

Dominica:Girl you were here last week.

Lyric:Just bail me out so i can go home.

Dominica:Not until you learn your lesson.

They look at each other for a moment and bust out laughing.

Dominica:Okay I'll be right back

Office#1:Your free to go.

Lyric:Bummer your like my best friend

Officer#1:We'll see again soon.

She leaves and goes home.

Selena:Dónde has estado(Where have you been?)


She dropped her bag on the couch and kissed her mom on the cheek.


Miah:Ohh your in trouble

Lyric:¡Cállate!(Shut up!)

Selena:Why were you in jail?



Miah:I'll be upstairs

Lyric:Well what happened was...

She tells her mom the story.

Selena:How dare she!

Lyric:I know so I went for her gucci perfect teeth and bam im in jail.

Selena:Domo bailed you out?

Lyric:Yep. Oh and I made a new friend

Selena:What's her name.

She gave her a taco.

Lyric bit into it


Selena:As in Mercedes Brown oh me and her mother are good friends.

Lyric:Well nice talk mom im going to go do my homework.

Selena:Your grounded


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