Chapter 1-3: S T R O L L

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[ Prince Rila's Point of View ]

"Close the gates until I come back. Don't let anyone else inside, get it?" I commanded the guards near the gates. They immediately nodded and opened the gates before I walked off.

I slowly walked around, before entering the forest near the castle. I usually go here alone and it makes me feel relieved. Not a single villager comes around here, even though it's also another way to get to the castle.

Yes. This forest also connects the village and the castle, even though it's quite a long way.

"Ah, still not okay . . . ." I muttered to myself. My head is aching of all the problems in this village. I have no choice but to obey the king's orders.

Doesn't he know that our kingdom is slowly falling apart?

What kind of king is he?

"Annoying . . . ."

Of course, I can't say all those things to him. I don't want a punishment, though I'm the prince there.

Sitting down, I took off my crown and stared above me. Why am I even in here—in this kingdom?

If only her prediction wasn't real then we could've lived a—

. . . . drip

What's this? Is this the rain? No, wait. What— Why am I suddenly crying? I'm such an unworthy prince—I still cry.

I hate my life.

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