Chapter 2

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When I arrived at school, I was expecting a lot of people to be here. Maybe it was supposed to be tomorrow to start? I shrugged myself and went to the entrance doors. Instead of me being all excited and overjoyed to see my old teachers and friends, I managed to see men in black with masks, armed with katanas and shuriken (familiar with weapons by my Grandpa's antiques) and all turned to look at me in a slow turn. I stood frozen, speechless, scared.

What do I do?! What do I do?!, trying to not panic and scream. Maybe if I just stay still and don't run away, I probably won't die. I took two deep breaths and put my arms on my chest so that the men in black would think that I'm a normal, shy girl.

One of the men in the group walked up to me and grabbed my arm from where it was close to my chest and took me to where the students and teachers were on the floor. When he wasn't looking at me, I slowly looked at his right arm that was grasped in my left arm and see a symbol on his shoulder that appears to be a shape of a foot. A foot? Why would they have a foot as a- WAIT?! OH NO! I yelled my head off in my mind, "THE FOOT CLAN!!"

Last year, in the cafeteria, I have heard rumors about four unknown creatures fighting men in black (the foot) up in rooftops, far away from the antique shop. "So the rumors are true!!" I thought in a flash. If they are ninjas who fight in darkness, then why are they here? What do they want in my school? Who are they looking for?

The ninja gently set me down with the whimpering students and teachers on the floor and whispered in my ear, "One word, your life will be forfeit." I nodded slowly and took a few gentle breaths to keep the whimpering down and he took a few steps away from me and everyone else and started to speak.

"We are looking for the one called Claresa Shimada from 2nd Time Around Antique Shop. If that is the name you are given, stand up." My heart was beating twice as fast when I heard my name. I didn't know whether I was about to die by The Foot ninja's hand or become one of their own. If I was asked of the second option, I would probably go for the first.

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