Part 6

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Dr. Stein was in his lab. He was talking to Ms. Marie. She was sobbing. "I loved him!! How could he treat me like this?" She sobbed. "I gave him my love. And he threw it away. I HATE THAT TOILET!!!" She wailed. Yeah, Ms. Marie falls in love with inanimate objects. She continued sobbing. Stein put his arm around her. "Now now. Its okay. Its fine. He is a jerk." He said comfortingly. He felt extremely weird comforting a colleague about a toilet. Ms. Marie cheered up a bit. "So professor, what's new in your love life?" She asked as she wiped her eyes and blew her nose. "I here your the Meister of a first year?" She asked curiously. "Yes. Her name is Calypso and she is scythe. She is extremely advanced and should be wielded by a three-star Meister. Nobody in her class is qualified to wield her. She is really amazing. We preformed witch hunter on the first try! It took me and death scythe five tries to get it. She is amazing." He said. "It sounds like Stein likes one of his students! Naughty teacher!" Ms. Marie chirped. "Oh hush up Marie." Stein groaned. But in his head he was thinking, "do I really like her?" "Bye Stein!!" Ms. Marie called cheerily. "I'm leaving now! I saw a really hot tree and I'm going to talk to it! I hope he likes me!" She called cheerily as she skipped off. Stein watched her skip into the forest. "She may be my colleague, but she has the mind of a five-year old." He thought to himself. Then his thoughts reverted back to me. "I think I might really like her. I might love my weapon. My student." He thought. "What should I do?" He said aloud. He decided to make up a schedule for class tomorrow to get his mind off things.

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