My head shifts down, her gaze too questioning for me yet; her eyes burning into my skin. I am drowning and so is she – but in a different way completely. My brain turns to water, not letting me concentrate fully; not letting me think anything but a constant flow of thoughts.

   Then I hear her ask something, “Are you okay?” Her question doesn’t catch me off guard; but I look up to see her. Her voice smoky and sweet and could burn a hole in my heart in an instant.

I know the answer immediately, “No,” but I can’t say it properly without spluttering everywhere and hacking up water; I then proceed with my voice, gurgling and almost incomprehensible, “Are you?”

Her gaze shifts elsewhere; she doesn’t answer me, and I don’t believe she needs to; the expression on her faces says enough: she doesn’t know whether this pain is real or not she just doesn’t know. 


dedicated to nina, 'cause she just so nice :)

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