Prologue/Chapter 1

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"Pearl, PLEEEAAASE?!" Steven pleaded for the tenth time. "Come on, lemme come on this mission! Please? Pleaase?!" The exasperated Crystal Gem named Pearl let out a sigh and finally caved in. "*Sigh* Fine. But, Steven, don't touch anything!" she warned. The boy thanked Pearl about a hundred times before rushing upstairs to get ready.


The warp pad lit up. Steven fell two feet from the air, and Amethyst giggled. Their mission was to defeat the Spirit Serpents of Life and Death. Steven gasped in awe at all the treasures; Gems, gold coins, diamonds, and more. "Steven!" Pearl scolded. The short boy had his hand out to take just one small, shiny, golden coin. Quickly he retracted it. After a few minutes, Amethyst and Steven were bored out of their minds. CRACK! BASH! A boulder from the ceiling fell. "Steven?! Did you touch something?!" Pearl half exclaimed and half asked. In his hand, Steven held a shiny and sparkly topaz, and immediately stuffed it in his pocket. The whole treasure room started collapsing. The Crystal Gems rushed back to the warp pad, and warped back to the Temple.


Back at home, Pearl lectured Steven. She droned on and on and on about how it was important to NOT touch anything. Steven took out the little topaz from his pocket. "I wonder if you're a Crystal Gem.." Steven asked himself. As if on cue, the topaz started glowing. Pearl noticed, and said, "Steven? Let me see that!" She grabbed the little glowing gem. "No...." Pearl said to herself, "It..It couldn't be.." The little gem glowed at a fierce rate, and Pearl dropped the topaz. It floated in midair, to about a foot over Steven's height, and formed the outline of a person. Once it stopped glowing, there was a little girl standing. On her forehead, like Pearl, there was a topaz, and on her chest, like Amethyst, there was a topaz. Her eyes were a piercing pale sea blue, her mouth was like Amethyst's, the girl's hair was a pale aqua blue and was super curly with a strand of hair in her face. The mysterious girl also wore a tidal wave blue off the shoulder shirt with the five gem pictures on the door by the warp pad, pale baby blue leggings, and ballerina flats like Pearl's. "Woooaaah..." Steven gasped in awe.


So, how'd ya guys like it? It's my first Steven Universe fanfiction, soo...yeah.

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