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Pen Your Pride

Esmeralda's POV

Right after he left I went back to my normal routine that I do at work, which is mainly taking orders from rude or nice people.

When I saw Nancy I told her what happened with the Klaus guy. She was laughing her ass off while I was there just staring at her with daggers in my eyes hoping they will shoot her or for lazers to zap out so they can burn her but sadly that didn't happen.

Nothing else seemed different from there on out, it was just a normal day like all the others excluding the morning part. I just hope Klaus or any other person that was there at the moment doesn't complain to my boss about the issue that happened today.

I can't afford to get fired even though my parents insist that they pay for my trip and any other things I ask or want but I want to afford it my way. I don't want to seem like those snotty rich kids that are bitchy, think that they are better than everyone, are extremely evil, and get whatever they want from their 'mummy and daddy'.

Yes, my family is rich since my father owns a company named after out last name and my mother is a world famous designer. I of course get all the new clothes my dear mother designs first since I am her daughter but I don't want to brag because I just can't help it and say that I just love clothes, shoes, accessories, etc.

I'm getting off topic but I just can't help it but back to what I was saying my father wanted to expand the family company and went on to China while mother and I stayed here in London since she had a new clothing line going on and I just didn't want to leave. My parents trust each other enough to know that the other isn't going to cheat so that doesn't cause problem. They love each other so much that its evident when you seem them both in the same room. It like, just radiates off them.

I try to stay on the down low when it comes to meeting new people because they tend to find out about me through interview and articles that my parents pop up from. I don't want people to judge me quickly without knowing me nor do I want them to be friendly with me and use me because I have money.

When I was little I was spoiled but growing up I wanted to do my own thing and earn it on my own since both my parent s did and am inspired by them because of what they do on their own. I wanted to move out and start from the bottom like my parents did. They were a little sad at first but they were proud of me because they saw that I wanted to do things on my own and earn it the hard way.

I want to open a restaurant with different types of food in it that I can and will create with my own hands. Hopefully in the future my wish will be granted.

It was 9:30 at night and I had 30 minutes left to close so I started sweeping and mopping making sure everything was clean before I left. I wanted to go home to my comfy bed or at least try to since I never get to make it there. I tend to just sit on my couch and doze off in it. I can never seem to make to my bed which is sad because I hardly even do anything at work.

Once my watch and the clock on the wall hit 10 at night I turned off the 'Open' sign as well as flipped the sign on the door. I started checking things off the list I made in my head making sure everything was done before I left.

After double checking I went to the back room where the employees' locker room is and got all of my belongings out of my locker.

Once I gathered my belongings I head to the right side of the shop and unlock the door. When I was I outside I relocked it and started walking to my car which was at the right side of the building  near an alley.

I was humming silently to myself until I heard a noise that sounded like a cry or scream or possibly even both so I stopped and listened intently.

It was dark out and with all the murders not many people were out on the streets so it was extremely quiet helping me hear better the noise.

I listened closely making sure it wasn't just my imagination and the I heard it again. I started walking towards the sound knowing and thinking about the movies how stupid people are always walking towards the danger but it's always curiosity that gets to them and that's why they die but hopefully I won't, hopefully.

The noise was coming from the alley so I walked closer. I then identified the noise as the sound of struggle like if someone was fighting.  I stopped once I was on the right side of the alley close to the edge so I can peek a little. I then proceeded to poke my head a little to see if I could help the person.

There was a man with black hair and his back was towards me but I can clearly see his tattoos that seem to be covering his arm as well as his neck. They were weird symbols but looked pretty cool. He was wearing all black and seemed to be carrying weapon amongst his clothes as in daggers, swords, blades and spears.

I then moved more so I can see better and saw that he was struggling against something.

What I saw was the most terrifying and gruesome thing I have ever seen in my life. It looked human but at the same time it looked like an alien. Its face was disfigured and it looked to like it had a tail on its back with a sharp end almost like a scorpion.

The guy seemed to be able to fight if off with ease. He lifted up what seemed to be a sword that was almost 2 feet long and white almost transparent. He then whispered something and the sword started glowing brightly. He then stabbed the creature and it disappeared like it was never there to begin with.

I didn't seem to know but my mouth had a mind of its own because I gasped and the man had heard me so I turned around quickly and ran to my car. I was thankful that it wasn't far away.

I unlocked and swiftly got in and relocked it. I slumped down in my seat so I can hide because by turning it on and quickly driving out of the parking lot seemed to be suspicious and a bit obvious plus I don't want that man to get my license plate number and learn information about me because maybe he might be a computer genius, you can never know.

I stayed put for about 10 minutes when I knew that the guy had left I sat up straight, buckled up and left to go home.

I parked right in front of my apartment and got off making sure I locked the car and started heading towards my door ready to go to sleep. I then heard a rustling noise in a bush by the forest. Did I forget to mention that I live right by a forest? If I did well now you know that I live by one. I like nature so it doesn't really bother me since it calms be down and its peaceful.

I started walking towards the noise since I'm a very curious person as you can see from the previous scene and saw the most mesmerizing eyes that seem to glow in the darkness of the forest. I took a better look and saw that it was a wolf. Its eyes seem familiar and it seemed to have changed color from blue to gold then back to blue. The wolf then stepped forwards but I stepped back seeing it stand up and realizing how tall it was.

I started walking backwards slowly not wanting my back towards the animal in case it attacks. It just stared at me tilting its head a little to the left. Its eyes almost seemed sad but I took my eyes off of them so I won't feel bad because it looks lonely.

After seeing a good distance between us I turned and bolted to my door, though while running I did hear whimpering behind me but I didn't let that stop me because I was still frightened of it.

After I made it inside I made sure my door was locked and started walking to my living room. I sat down on my couch and turned on the TV. I then watched my favorite show called Awkward.

I seriously love this show especially Tamara. She is just hilarious and seems to fun to be around.

My eyes seem to close after watching who knows how many episodes then I slowly drifted off to sleep on my couch again hearing a howl from outside my apartment and knowing my neck is going to hurt when I wake up.

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