Chapter Six

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*at the boys school*

I was 'mingling', more like just saying hi to random guys, when one guy tapped my shoulder, and I spun around. He was taller than me, which is hard to be as I'm so freaking tall. He had an amazing build, with blonde hair, not to short, but not too long.

"The name's Xavier"



I was a little startled, he didn't even ask any questions.

"Umm, yeah"

He put out his hand, and I put mine in his, and lead me over our of the group. He was nervous, I could feel a little bit of a shake through his hand, and it was a tad sweaty, but it was fine. It didn't bother me.


I noticed Bailey was getting acquainted with a blonde, tall guy, and I had no clue of what to do, as there was only one guy left, for two girls. I seemed to be the last girl standing, and I felt terrible. But then, someone, absolutely gorgeous, who was running late, quickly ran in the door. I was kind of fluttered as I figured out we were going to be partnered.

"Mackenzie, you will be with Tyler here"

"I'm so sorry I'm late, I'm Tyler"


Before we had a chance to meet or anything, we were walked into a room with many couches and drinks.

"Feel free to get to know people for the hour we have this morning."


I cannot believe I'm late, on an important day. I'm going to get into heaps of trouble here.

I quickly ran up the hill and ran through the door. I as I chucked my bag down with the rest of them, I noticed one girl who was standing by herself.

"Mackenzie, you will be partnered with Tyler here"

I quickly walked over to Mackenzie, as I apologised to the teacher.

"I'm so sorry in late! I'm Tyler"


Before I had a chance to even ask her a question, we were ushered into our meeting room. They had put couches in there, and laid out drinks in the corner.

We were told to find a seat with out partner and he to know them, during the following hour we had together.

Mackenzie, just in looks was stunning, she had long, light brown hair, was super tall, and had glasses, and still pulled them off. We sat opposite her friends Bailey and Sam, who were partnered with my mates, Ed and Xav.


I had partnered myself with a girl I had my eye on right from the start. Turns out her name is Bailey. We were talking and turns out she's plays basketball, and is learning guitar. She's the perfect package, she's sporty-my type, and is stunning. Gold hair, pulled into a high ponytail. She had an adorable smile and the cutest laugh. I followed her to her friends Sam and Mackenzie, who sat with my mates Ed and Tyler.


My friends came and joined me with their new partners which I found out were all friends too. It looked like we'd be a group.

We sat as a group and talked for the whole hour, not interacting with anyone else.

When lesson two began we all went with our partner, to their class, as we would be doing for two months. Bailey and Mackenzie we in different classes so we said goodbye and Ed and I headed to the science lab.


*at the girls school*

I led the guys up to the lecture centre. With butterflies, I tried to look like I was as cool as a cucumber.

I met my friend Alanah inside, as we lined up facing the guys.

The really cute guy, Adam, happened to 'accidentally' be standing opposite me.

"You will all be paired with the person opposite you. Please introduce yourselves" our principle spoke.

"Hi, I'm Adam" He said, with a wink following.

I giggled, blushing a little.


* * *

We were sent straight into the whole school assembly, where we got eyes stating at us, and heads peering over the balcony, even a couple of people pointing.

There were boring notices and sport trophies awarded. Then the principle got up and started talking about this 'experiment' which I knew straight away we were going to be embarrassed somehow.

"Could all the guys and their partners come to the stage."

I followed the group onto the stage and stood next to Stella, while the principle continued to explain why we were here.

I knew people would always be talking about us, like seriously there were 10 guys in an all girls school.

But if any girl liked me, I want it to be Stella.



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