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Cristal's POV

I went home to talk to my mom around 1:30. Niall and I spent the morning cuddling and kissing. He kept telling me that he would never leave me and that if anyone tried to take me he'd still fight for me. I felt very loved. I've never felt as loved as I felt in that moment. It was amazing. I could tell that he wasn't lying to. That made it twice as special.

When I got home my mom was on the couch with the tablet, a Galaxy Tab 3. She was more of a Samsung person. I like apple. Anyways, she heard the door open and looked over to me.

"Hey kiddo."

"Hi mom."

"How was your night?"


"What do you mean?"

"I slept a lot." I kind of lied.

"Good. You'll need your sleep when school starts!"

"School!?!? When does it start??"

"Two weeks from Thursday."

"Do I go to Niall's school!?!?"

"Yes kiddo."

"Good." I let out a sigh of relief. I don't know what I'd do if I didn't go to school with at least one of the boys, Terra, or Perrie. "I'm going upstairs to shower and get dressed."

"Ok, have a good shower kiddo."

"Thanks mom. Love you."

"Love you too kiddo."

With that I went upstairs to shower. I let the water warmed and grabbed my stuff before going into the bathroom, undressing, and getting in the warm shower. I just let the water over take my body and relaxed and thought about everything. Harry and his trying to fight for me, everything Niall told me this morning, school, like I said, EVERYTHING.

I washed my hair with my strawberry shampoo and conditioner. I then washed my body and rinsed off. It felt nice to be clean. I know I think a lot but I like my thoughts too.

When I got out of the shower I wrapped my fluffy black towel around me and dried my hair. When it was dry I went and grabbed some blue shorts and a purple, pink, and yellow striped tank top. It was Niall's favorite tank top on me. I wore it one of the days right after we got here. I forgot when, but he said he liked it on me. And I'm guessing, by the way he was looking at my chest, I know why too. He's interested in me... And that part of me. I know it's partially because he's a hormonal teenage boy but I can tell he loves me.

I was finally done with my minimal makeup, because he didn't like makeup on me.

I laid down in my bed and opened the drawer on my beds stand and pulled out my iPad and MacBook. I plugged earbuds into my phone and put them in before turning on 5SOS. I realized Grace and I hadn't talked so I iMessaged her on the iPad and got on my social media on my MacBook. My favorite teacher from Colorado wanted me to keep in touch via email, so I thought I'd email her.

Hello Ms. B,

Thought I'd shoot an email your way.

Ireland's nice, very hilly. I miss the mountains though. Green, very very green here. It's kind of cool. I mean, partially because I like green but also because it means that the grass and such is healthy.

I met a bunch off cool people, all my age, in the neighborhood. Terra, Perrie, Niall, Harry, Zayn, Louis, and Liam. Niall, Harry, Liam, and I are 13. Zayn and Perrie are 14, and Louis and Terra are 15. I just realized that I haven't been out of the neighborhood much. I went to the park a couple times, and to Niall and the boys house, I think Harry's mom (A/N: I changed it from dad to mom.) owns that house.

I honestly miss Colorado a lot. Grace and I have been talking though. Not many others texted or called me.

I just thought I'd shoot an email to you. Talk to you soon. Bye.

Cristal Knight

So yeah. That's what I said to my teacher.


I woke up later, music still playing, and looked at what time it was, 6:15. Grace had iMessaged a few times so I looked at them.

Grace: Hey girrrrrlllll!

Grace: How's you?

Grace: So you text me and don't respond! I see how it is! Jeez-us!

Grace: *missed FaceTime

Grace: No FaceTime either? Mean!

Grace: Fine BYE!!!!

Me: Sorrey! I fell asleep! Jeez! You text a lot!

Grace: Sorrey!

Me: It's good.

Grace: Ok. How was your nap? ;)

Me: What's the ;) about? Niall wasn't here!

Grace: Oh. Sorry. I thought he was. :)

Me: Well he's not. AMNESIA!!!!

Grace: OMG!!!! DID IT COME ON!???????!?!?!?!?!?!

Me: Yasssssssssssss!!!!!!




Grace: Ok. I can't do this anymore. To much text singing.

Me: Ok. Byeeeeeee! I need food!

Grace: Me too. Byeeeeee!

Me: Luv ya!!!

Grace: Luv ya too!!!

I really didn't feel like going all the way down stairs and passing my mom just to get food, so I didn't. I grabbed the shoe box I had stashed under my bed and opened it, grabbing a package of skittles.

I have to admit the Skittles, Reese's and M&Ms are my favorite candies. I mean... Skittles are fruity and delicious, Reese's have peanut butter AND chocolate, ans M&Ms come in many different favors. Then again, I like candy and food in general.

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