Chapter Four

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After Mihel left, Alex looked at Bazzalth and his fairy friends. Bazzalth sighs a deep sigh, smoke billowing from his nostrils.

"It is about time we moved." Bazzalth stands, his massive body taking up the interior of the cave. Alex looks upon the dragon, a look of distress upon her face. Bazzalth overlooks the look and turns his head toward his fairy companions. "Aurora, Buttercup, would you please store my hoard somewhere safe until I find a new home?" The fairies nod and immediately start collecting the riches. Alex hugs the dragon's leg, tight and comforting. 

"You aren't going to go too far away right? I want to be able to visit you." Bazzalth frowns and shakes his head.

"I must go far from this kingdom, or I'll never be able to see you again my dear." Alex taps her chin in thought, slowly letting go of Bazzalth's leg. Hazel moves toward her rider, nudging the girl with her nose. Alex looks at Hazel, then at Bazzalth.

"Then we'll help you find your new home!" 


The trio left the den while the moon was highest in the sky. Alex rode upon Hazel, following behind Bazzalth's luminescent scales. Alex noted to ask Bazzalth about that later. The three of them started their journey heading in the direction of the dense forests and high mountains native to the small kingdom. As the sun began to rise, the three found a place for rest. They landed upon a bare hill, in the middle of the forest. Bazzalth lands as Alex dismounts Hazel, removing the saddle. 

"Bazzalth, how do you make your scales glow in the dark?" Alex looks at the massive beast, removing her cloak as he lays on the hill. Bazzalth looks at the small human and lays his head on the ground close to her.

"It is the fire spirit within me. It helps keep me warm and sometimes helps me light up my body so that I may see." Alex smiles and curls up on top of Bazzalth's nose. Hazel keeps her distance from the reptilian beast, chewing on a patch of grass. Bazzalth's body was surprisingly cool under her skin, but Alex felt a great comfort upon it. As the first few rays of sunlight broke the night sky Alex's eyes shut, sleep consuming her entire being.

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