Family of Criminals

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The Bad Girl's Good Boy Chapter 6: Family of Criminals

I locked eyes with a guy who looked nerdy but I guess he was cute. He had on a blue sweater that seemed a little to big on him, a black polo underneath, some kaki colored skinny jeans, a pair of beat up old brown Converse and lastly some black framed glasses. He stood there next to the moving truck just staring at me with wide eyes. I looked back at him but then looked away deciding to just leave already. I was going to ask him if he heard any of what I just told my parents but I was in no mood for that. I'll worry about that later. I did a peace sign at him and with that I was off.

I decided that I wasn't going to stay at Jenny's. We had school tomorrow. She had to get her sleep and plus I didn't want to disturb her and her family with my problems. I just wanted to be alone for the time being, too. I decided that I was going to stay at another one of my friends house.

I said Jenny was my only friend but truth is Jenny is my only best friend not my only friend.She's more of a sister to me, too. Besides Jenny I have other friends but they're people who I don't want Jenny to be associating with. They tend to get in trouble with the police a lot. Not that I haven't gotten in trouble with the police but these people they are people who are not to be messed with. Lets just say that when they say they're going to kill you if you do something to them they literally mean it. There the typed of people who have gone to jail for a long time.

You don't even want to know how I met them.

Anyways, there's 6 of them and they all live in this big ass house together. There's Susan she's 30. Jerry, he's 32 and he's married to Susan. Charlotte and Charlie both are twins, age of 25. Griffin who is older than me by a couple of months he's 18 while I'm 17 almost 18. Then there's Steve age 50. I call him Grandpa Steve though. And I call Susan, Aunt Susan. Jerry, Uncle Jerry. Griffin he's like my brother but I don't really think of him as my brother more as my I guess 2nd best friend but Jenny will always be my 1st. And Charlotte sometimes I call mom and Charlie dad. They wanted me to call them mom and dad because when they finally do find a partner to share the rest of there life with they want to have kids. They want me to be there daughter for now. However weird that sounds.

There like my family of criminals! We have the mom and dad, kind of brother slash 2nd best friend, aunt and uncle, and the grandpa but sadly no grandma. That's another story for another time.

There house is like 30 minutes away from mine but time passed by quickly and I see the road which leads to there house. There house is located in the woods not deep in there though. That is why there's a road leading to it. Making a turn down the road I continue driving till I come to a big open area. At that point lining both sides of the road are nicely trimmed bushes.

I see there big 3 story house. House? I mean mansion because that is certainly not a house. There's a gate all around the house. I can only open it with a password that of course I have. I type the password in and enter. Behind me the gate closes. I park my car on there driveway. I turn the car off and grab my stuff and make my way up the steps to the door.

I life my hand up to knock but before I do I masks all my emotions with a blank face. I want to show no weakness and I don't want them asking what's wrong. I'll tell them when I'm ready. I proceed to knock. The door opens slightly. Then it slams open and I see Griffin with a gun pointed at me. I scowl.

"Put the gun away dumb ass," I say coldly. He knows I'm in one of those moods where I don't want to talk to anybody I just want to be alone.

"Sorry Nick," Griffin says while putting the gun away. For some reason he always calls me Nick instead of Nicky or Nicole. I've tried to talk him out of it but he says he won't stop calling me Nick no matter how many times I tell him not to.

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