Chapter Three: Dinner and a Show

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'As we sat and ate, everyone asked Marco and I questions about America, even though I'd answered these questions before.

" What's the beach like in California?" a hand named Ralph  asked Marco.

"How's the school work over there?" one named Felix asked. They were are all around our age, the oldest being around twenty five.

" What about those California girls?" Justin whispered to Marco as everyone drifted back into their own conversations. I watched as Marco's cheeks turned a shade of red I'd only seen when we were having sex and it got really intense. Justin and Zane looked knowingly at each other. " Oh,I understand and it's okay...we know what's it's like to play for the other team." Zane winked at Justin. " With the only woman being the big man's wife, we all gotta get our rocks off some way." he let his hand fall beneath the table...and by the look on my secret boyfriends face,I could guys where he put it....

   I tried to bite back my anger, but the blatant disrespect that was happening to My boyfriend, right in front of my eyes was a little much for me. I stood up violently, sending my chair flying across the yard. All eyes turned to me, fuming and all anger directed toward Zane. "I'm going to say this one time, him right there," I spat pointing at Marco. " None of you are to pull any of the bullshit, you pull in your own bunks!!! Do I make myself clear, he is my friend!" A muffled answer rise from my helpers. I felt bad for screaming at all of them for the actions of two, but I had to make it clear.

I pulled my chair back to where it originally was, and chomped down on my food. Just over five minutes later, Marco gets up from the table excusing himself into the house. As much as I wanted to follow, after what I'd just did, it'd look really strange to run after him, so I stayed. Soon the conversations were normal again. I looked over at my brothers, both of them staring at me with an obvious message. Their faces screamed at me to go find my boyfriend. silently. Silently I did what they ordered.

   I found him in my room, reading glasses on face buried in a book. " Hey, sorry about that." I said sitting down. He looked at me but said nothing. I put my hand on his lifted knee and squeezed gently. I walked into the bathroom and got ready for bed. Marco was laying with his back to me, so I slowly crawled in with him and put an arm around him. He didn't move so I figured we were okay...

Little did I know, he was still furious with me.

He reacted quickly, throwing himself away from me. I might've been overreacting but I screamed at him. " What did I even do mate, I stood up for you!!! Is that not what you wanted!" I grabbed his arms shaking him slightly. He pulled away and pushed me back onto the bed. He did in fuming silence for a few minutes, and when his voice did come out was normal. " Why is it, that I put everything on the line for you: my family, my friends... I put everything on the line for you!" his voice shaking. " But even when you see me get groped and prodded by the help, still I'm just a friend." he went on. I owned my mouth to speak but he screeched, " Don't!! My parents have left me for the first time in my entire life, for once they don't even know I'm here, and probably don't care." he shook his head violently.  " But who cares,I don't need them I have my super protective friend to guide me through these tough times."

   He paused for a breath, and I took the chance to speak. " I never told you, but my parents weren't always as accepting as they are now, there was a time when I'd lost everything and everyone I cared about." I said calmly. " I know how you feel, and whether you want to believe me or not, I do love you. But some of those guys out there,  are not as nice as they seem. I really just don't want you getting hurt when I'm not around."

   I moved across the room to where he stood by my desk, moonlight dancing off his tanned skin. Slowly I wrapped my hands around his waist and pulled him into me. " I meant what I said today, when the time is right, I'll tell every person how much you mean to me." I searched his eyes, looking for anger or some other emotion. Finally he wrapped his arms around my neck, pulling me into a kiss that held lust. But I also felt the sadness behind it too. I know what he wants, but I think I know what he needs.

A/N: So there it is CHAPTER Three... I hope you enjoyed. I decided to put a little spat in, to show that my two main characters are far from the happy ever after life. In the coming chapters more obstacles, big and small, will be thrown at them.

Now here is a look at Chapter Four: Forgiveness and the Unplanned surprise, told from the pov of Marco.

Maybe they were just words. But something about the way he spoke them to me, the way he looked at me when he said them, made all of my anger melt away. I pulled him down into a kiss. when he pulled himself away,I knew what was coming next. Slowly, he pushed me up against the desk, lifting me onto it and setting himself between my open legs. I pulled his hips forward, his crotch rubbing into mine. He suddenly grabbed hold of my wrist. His sea green eyes penetrating the very depths of me, he spoke. " Tonight we make love, and a love that will keep us strong." the tone of his voice sending waves of pleasure down my body. He kissed gently at my neck, biting gently. I felt myself lift into the air as he carried me back to the bed....

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