Chapter 1!!

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|| A Month Later ||


We started off our day with some wonderful breakfast that Cam made.

He made some eggs, toast, bacon, and hash browns. They were delicious! Aubrey just had some baby food. I also have her some of my egg and hash-browns.

We cleaned up and Cam went upstairs to dress Aubrey. I was left to clean up all the dishes and the mess that cam made. It wasn't that much. We had a dish washer so it was okay. I just had to put the ketchup and the baby food that Aubrey didn't eat away. I had to clean her high-chair and cleaned off the table.

I also managed to pack a little snack for today. We were going in a little family walk. I thought that it would be fun.


I brought Aubrey upstairs to dress her. And also to dress me.

I got Aubrey a little shirt that says 'Daddy's little Princess' and it's pink with white writing and a little crown on it. With some leggings that are pink with white polka dots. I put her little outfit on and decided that she will wear some baby sandals. Those are cute.

And I decided on wearing a blue button up shirt. And some blue/yellow swim shorts. I'll pick out a outfit for Austin to wear too.

I think blue looks great on her so maybe I'll give her a blue tank with a grey cover up and some blue jean shorts. With some blue galaxy vans.

"Hello Aubrey" I coo at her and she smiles at me. She makes those cute baby noises and I just laugh. She laughs with me too. Probably not remembering why but it was cute.

"Hey babe" Austin comes in. "And Aubrey." She finishes.

"Hey" I say and give her a kiss.

"I picked out a sexy outfit for you." I said and winked at her.

"Oh lord" she says. "I'm just going to be downstairs." I say. I leave Aubrey with Austin and kissed both of their heads while going out the door. Obviously closing it.

I go downstairs and see that Austin made a little snack for our little walk.

It was about 15 minutes so I decided to call Nash. I needed to talk to him anyways.

It rang about 3 times and he answered. "Hey Nash." I said.

"Hey broo" he said. He sounded a little hurt.

"Hey dude, what's wrong?" I asked.

"Well it is Madison." He said his voice cracking at the end. Madison? Oh that bitch. Fuck. I knew it.

"See I told you she was bad news." I told him.

"Yea, and I'm sorry I didn't listen. She was pretty and caught my eye and she was sweet at first, I guess I didn't see what you guys seen in her. I'm really sorry for not believing you. " His voice cracking a lot. I knew he was going to start crying beyond soon.

"Well she we all told you that she was going to be a bitch to you and all of us seen it. Even Hayes did. What she did was unacceptable breaking my best friend. She is a bitch to all of us. I don't give a shit what she thinks about me because what we all deserve is someone who is special and who can actually love all of us-" I was cut off by Austin at the bottom of the stairs with tears in her eyes and Aubrey in her hands. "Nash I got to go." I said and quickly hung up. I looked at my hands and they were red. I guess it got a little out of hand.


"What she did was unacceptable, breaking my best friend. She is a bitch to all of us. I don't care what she thinks of me because we all deserve someone special and who can love all of us-" does he really mean that? Is he talking about me? He was really harsh what he was talking about, and throughout my whole time I have been with him I have never seen him that angry and so frustrated with someone that it made him swear and clench his fist.

I ran upstairs into mine and Cameron's bedroom and started packing. I don't know where to but I started packing.

I went into Aubrey's room and moving by Cameron so I could pack her stuff too.

"Babe, I wasn't- I didn't mean-"

"Forget it cam, I've heard enough." I said angrily.

I walked out of the house with Aubrey still in my hands and both suitcases. I went straight to my car.

"AUSTIN!" Cam yelled. It startled me because he rarely yells at me.

"What?" I croak.

"I was talking about Nash's girlfriend, Madison. I would never talk about you that way. Nor think that way about you. I love you way to much." He said.

"I can't believe you. Lies!" I yelled. Aubrey was already crying.

Nash doesn't have a girlfriend named Madison, it was Jessica. At least that's what I thought.


Hey loves 😘 sorry it took me a while to update. I wast writing and I was really busy. I hope you liked it.!


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