Tatum's blue eyes were the only thing that lit up the half-lit living room, for the darkened clouds covered the afternoon sun, taking away the sunlight that Eleanor longed for more than putting ink on paper.

"Why are you here anyways?" She heard Tatum grumble with his finger pointed out toward Johnny's liquor stained sweatshirt. Eleanor sat on the couch, not moving an inch as she stared at Tatum's inked muscles that flexed when he balled his hands up into fists while his greasy haired friend would whisper something to him. The front door was now slammed shut, and Eleanor grew even more frightened at the sight of another man. He didn't have any tattoos except one green dragon on his wrist, and his face was clear from any metal unlike Tatum's.

"You left your wallet, so I came here to give it back and now I hear you telling me that you took a car and a god-damn girl?" Johnny grumbled, meaning to whisper but failing as soon as he looked towards Eleanor from across the room. "What does that even mean?" He added, not caring how loud he was at that moment any longer.

"You're the one that told me to do it! And I didn't even know she was in there, you have to believe me on that."

"Why the hell do you listen to what I say?" Johnny rolled his eyes, "And why didn't you just let her out instead of bringing her all the way here?"

Tatum closed his eyes, sighting heavily in the process before scratching the back of his neck. His dark hair grazed his forehead as he looked toward the dusty floor, and he appeared torn between the universe, in which anything could happen without consequences, and reality. Hopeless reality.

"Because her boyfriend would have caught up if I stopped." He replied, knowing that even if the blonde in the sweater did catch up somehow, Tatum could easily throw one single punch, thus sending Scott to the ground in half a second due to his strength.

Johnny ran his hands down his face in anger and annoyance from now getting involved.

"Wait- how did you get here?" Tatum hissed with his brows pinched together. Johnny's always caught rides from friends whenever he needed to go some place. He was unemployed, but his girlfriend paid most of the bills.

"Jackson took me here and I told him to come back in an hour to pick me up because I thought we could hang out." Johnny snapped with furious eyes. "But obviously you had other plans in mind." He said, nodding toward Eleanor that sat shaking in her seat.

"You say it like I meant to do it! Fuck, I just wanted a working car not a teenage girl." Tatum's eyes moved to Eleanor's, but quickly removed them after seeing the terror in her eyes.

"How old is she?" She heard Johnny whisper, loud enough to hear.

"Eighteen." Tatum said in reply, not daring to meet the girls eyes again. For he could go soft on her, thus bringing bad into his own life.

"She's legal." Johnny scratched the side of his mouth with his pointer finger, cocking an eyebrow.

"Doesn't mean anything in this case. That god damn boyfriend of hers saw me do it." Tatum pinched the bridge of his nose, feeling exhausted and weak from the loss of sleep.

"Dude, do you think that-" Johnny stopped his panicked words while squinting at his phone that was just pulled from his jean pocket. His lips parted instantly, as if it was a ticking bomb that would blow up in his face in under ten seconds. He turned on his heel, instantly staring out of the glass window that was framed with clean wood.

His eyes flicked from his small screen, to out the window before swiftly turning toward Tatum once again.

"Do you think this is you?" Johnny hissed, turning the small bright screen toward the inked man, revealing the blinking amber alert.

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