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I woke up, groggy and annoyed as usual. I've been nauseous a lot in the mornings, making me severely unhappy. I flung my arm to Matty's side to feel it empty. My eyes bulged open. I heard the guitar playing downstairs. I growled to myself, hoping he didn't forget again.

"Hey." I smiled at him as I came down the stairs, hair a mess and in pajamas.

"Hey, beautiful." He was cheerful, fully dressed. Our dog, resting at his side. I sneered at him as he continued to play guitar on the sofa.

"Gotta' go to work." He kissed my hair as I sat at the kitchen counter, groggily holding coffee.

"Yeah, great. See you later." My early-morning voice cracked. "Have fun."

"Bye, baby." He left an envelope on the counter and I watched him leave. 

I was curious. Normally I wouldn't snoop into Matty's business, but I had to look at the letter. It was actually addressed to me! I quickly opened it.

I know what it looks like, no I didn't forget. Happy third anniversary! I've got a challenge for you, to see if you've forgotten. Do you recall a 7/11?

I rolled my eyes at his pathetic attempt and then unhappily got myself upstairs to dress. Looks like I'll be doing a lot of running around.

I drove to the place. It was dirty as those kinds of places normally are. It was filled with people still in their pajamas, but I remember vaguely of first meeting Matty here. He wasn't famous yet, but on the brink. He was only buying some lunch before heading back to a recording studio. In the aisle where the chips were...I found a red envelope. I knew it was him.

See, you're catching on! Now, from you remember that first date?

"Are you fucking kidding me." I said aloud. This meant I had to drive all the way to a Crazy Mocha.

I drove all the way out. There I was met with the logo, a goat holding a hot coffee. Right. Matty asked me for my number at the 7/11 and I agreed to a quick coffee for our first date.

It took me a while to find what I was looking for. It was hidden on a cork board filled with business cards. It was a blue envelope this time. I wondered with such a busy schedule when Matty found time to do this.

Speeding along now. Will you marry me?

"Jesus!" I hissed. He's got me going all over town now! I had to go back to the park.

It was a moonlit night. Matty had already taken me to a dinner and I was expecting to go back to the car and home. He took me to the side of the place and the bench overlooked the river. We sat for a few minutes before the conversation turned and he ended up on his knees.

The envelope was on that very bench. It was purple. The bench was tarnished with age since then. They paint it every few years. I stared at one of the rings on my finger and blushed. Matty was perfect for me.

Remember the chapel?

It was the simplest letter. It had to be the last one. I was getting tired and annoyed. I drove to that very church. It utterly beautiful. I wanted something small but luxurious to out-do all of our famous friends. 

They weren't inside and it freaked me out and there sure as hell wasn't a tiny envelope anywhere in that huge place. I went out again and circled the building.

"There you are!" I heard Matty's voice. The dog struggled in his arms. (GIF Image)

"Oh, hey?" I gave him a weird look. "Why'd you have me do all of that?"

"First of all, happy third anniversary." He winked. "I've got special things planned for the beach."

"Great, more travel." I rolled my eyes. 

"Well, you can leave your car here. I'll do all the work." He smiled, getting the dog in the car as we walked towards it.

There it was, set up on the beach. It was unlike anything I imagined. I almost wanted to cry!

"Matty, it's perfect." I looked at it, covering my mouth to hide emotion.

"You think?" He smiled at me as our dog ran past. We were our happy family...for now.

"Yes." I teared up, sitting down with him. We watched the sunset and our baby try to catch crabs on the shore.

"Beautiful." Matty shook his head, smiling still.

"He'll have a friend soon." I giggled, staring at him running around down there.

"What do you mean?" Matty started to pour champagne.

"I won't have any, thank you." I pushed my glass down in his hand.

"What?" He was confused. He knew what was happening, but didn't want to believe it.

"You know." I gave him a sly smile.

"Oh my gosh, (Y/N)." He was tearing up now. "You just topped my whole set up here with one sentence." I laughed, my heart pounding fast at how he was taking the news.

"You got it." I nodded, tears I didn't know were happening were bubbling over.

"You're perfect for me." He shook his head, overcome with emotion.

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