Chapter 4

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Location- Yn House

Time- 9:00 a.m

People- Yn , Nevaeh , DJ , Asia , &&'d  Liz

Yn Pov.

.  I Woke The Nxt Morning With My Babies Still In My Arms , So I Got Up With Out Waking Them , Did My Morning Routine &&'d Went Dwn Stairs &&'d Started Cooking Breakfast &&'d There Was A Knock @ My Door



Yn-  *Opens The Door* Hey Y'all Crazzi Ass Girls.

Asia/Liz- Hello Babyee

Yn- *Walks Bck To The Kitchen*

Liz- Oooooweeee U Cooking

Asia- We Came @ The Right Damn Time

Yn- Y'all Fat Manee , Good I Cooked For More Than 3

Asia/Liz- Yaaaaaayyyy

Liz- Where My Babies @

Yn- Upstairs Sleep

Asia- I've Missed My Babies

*Nevaeh &&'d DJ Come Dwn Stairs Rubbing There Eyes*

Yn- Goodmorning Babies

Nevaeh/DJ- Goodmorning Mommy , Hey Tete Asia &&'d Tete Liz

Asia- *Hugs Them* I've Missed Y'all

Nevaeh/DJ- We Missed U Too

Asia- Yaaaayyyyy

Liz- Come Give Me A Hug

Nevaeh/DJ- *Hugs Her*

Liz- *Hugs Them Bck*

DJ- Mommy Waaaa U Cooking

Nevaeh- I'm Hungry Mommy

Yn- I'm Cooking , Ur Favorites Baby &&'d Go Watch T.V It'll Be Done In A Min Okaee

Nevaeh/DJ- Otay *Runs Off &&'d Watches T.V*

Yn- I Got Some To Tell Y'all

Asia/Liz- Waaaaaaa ?

Yn- I Saw DayDay Yesterday @ The Mall

Asia/Liz- FR !!!

Yn- Yeah He Got Him A Girl Nw , I Almost Had To Beat Tht Bitch , &&'d He Was Asking All Types Of Question &&'d Sh!t.About The Twins

Asia- Maybe He Still Love U , &&'d I'll Ask Question About The Twins Too They Look Just Like His Dumb Ass

Liz- Right They His Twins Shiidd , Bhuu Have U Told Him The Twins His

Yn- No , Bhuu Imma Tell Him Tho Wen I'm Ready

Asia- Yeah Boo U Sud Tell Him

Liz- Yeah They Need They Daddy In They Life Tho Fr

Yn- Yeah Ik , Im Not Gone Put My Babies Through Tht If They Dnt Have To Go Through Tht

Liz- Right Boo

Asia- Put Them Through Waaaa

Liz- Them Not Having A Daddy Im They Life Wen The Daddy Can Be In They Life

Yn- *Gets A Txt On My Phone*

*Txt Convo*

Diggy- Wassup Yn

Yn- Hey Diggy

Diggy- Wyd Today

Yn- Nothing Chill With My Babies

Diggy- Wanna Come Ova My House &&'d Chill With Me &&'d The Boys

Yn- Yeah Sure Diggy

Diggy- Okaee See Y'all Later

Yn- Okaee

*Txt Convo Ova*

Yn- *Finishes Cooking &&'d Everybody Eats &&'d Everbody Goes &&'d Puts There Clothes On*

-Nevaeh Red Shirt Tht Says "Cutie Pie I Am" , Blacks Shorts , With The Red/Black Jordan's 6's

-DJ Red Jordan Shirt Black Sign , Black Cargo Capers , Black Jordan Snap Bck With Red Sign , Red/Black Jordan 6's

-Yn A Red Crop Top Tht Says "Bhaddest B!tch" , All Black High Waist Shorts , Her Red/Black Jordan 6's

Nevaeh- Mommy We All Matching

Yn- Yessss Babygirl

DJ- We Look Fresh

Yn- Come On Let's Take Some Pictures

Nevaeh/DJ- Otay

Yn- *Takes Pictures &&'d Uploads Them To IG*

Caption- Me &&'d My Babies , Proud Mommy Of Two , My Twins !

*Gets Hella Likes &&'d Comments*

Yn- Let's Go Babies

Nevaeh/DJ- *Runs &&'d Gets In The Car*

Yn- *Buckles Them In &&'d Gets In &&'d Speeds Off*

Nevaeh- Mommy Where We Going

Yn- Ova Uncle Diggy House

DJ/Nevaeh- Yaaaayyyy

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