Chapter 5: Tin Man

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Setting: Dorothy and Scarecrow walks along the Yellow Brick Road looking for the Enchanted Fish Nemo that will help defeat Zelena.

But meanwhile Zelena had one more plan in store. Zelena walks to Walsh.

Zelena: Well I think you should apologize to me.

Walsh: For what?

Zelena: For doubting my plan. You see Dorothy already ran into the Scarecrow.

Walsh: There's one thing I need to know.

Zelena: What is that?

Walsh: Why do you want Snow's baby?

Zelena: Isn't it obvious. I want a child. In the past I curse on myself. I cursed myself that I would never have a child.

Walsh: Why?

Zelena: I learned on thing. Love is weakness. But now I regret it.

Walsh: Are you going to raise it alone?

Zelena: No. I have Someone in store. I've had feelings for him for a long time.

Walsh: Really. Who?

"Zelena goes closer to Walsh. She gives him a long kiss."

Setting: Dorothy and Scarecrow enter a forest. It is night time and they come across a cabin.

Dorothy: Are you getting tired?

Scarecrow: Yeah. Let's hit the hay.

"They walk in the cabin and come across a man made out of Tin. He doesn't look happy."

Tin Man: Get out! I have nothing you want.

Dorothy: I'm sorry we thought it was abandoned.

Tin Man: Get out!

Scarecrow: Alright!

Tin Man: No wait. I'm sorry. You can stay.

Scarecrow: What was all they screaming?

Tin Man: I don't have a heart.

Dorothy: Everyone has a heart.

Tin Man: Not me. The Wicked Witch took it.

Dorothy: Hmmmm…maybe you can come with us to defeat her.

Tin Man: How?

Scarecrow: I am in search of enchanted water that can destroy her.

Tin Man: Well I'll Gladly accompany you on this journey.

Dorothy: Great!

Setting: Dorothy, Scarecrow, and Tin Man spent the night at the cabin. Meanwhile Zelena and Walsh are kissing.

Walsh: Well that was out of the blue.

Zelena: Come on. What other reason why I was keeping you in you human form for so long.

Walsh: Can you do one thing for me.

Zelena: What?

Walsh: Don't go back in time you might ruin this.

Zelena: Alright.

Walsh: Are you going to give their (Lion, Scarecrow, Tin Man) things back.

Zelena: When they bring Dorothy to me. I still need the slippers to get the baby.

"Zelena and Walsh kiss again."

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