Darcy's POV

I was furious. I couldn't even concentrate on my way to school I was seriously freaking out. Yet everyone around me seemed calm... little did they know about what I had just loss. That's the thing about being a reserved person sometimes you want to scream out loud and vent your frustrations... but you don't. Because you know that no one will listen to you, and that's just it no one listens. Unless you wear a hockey jersey no one in this town gives a flying fiddle what you think or what you have to say. That is the worst thing of all knowing that no matter how mad I get there is nothing I can do to stop this from happening because dance wasn't a part of everyone's world it was just part of mine.

All I saw was asphalt while I walked to school. Lost in my own helpless thoughts I didn't even realize when I made it to the front steps and I tripped. In my typical fashion I fell straight on my face and all my art supplies for today's big showcase fell out of my bag and scattered around the schools front doors. I reached for all the loose pastels and chalks and finally was plucking the last one out of the ugly overgrown bushes when suddenly I heard a snap... I knew what it sounded like I knew exactly what it sounded like and I did not want to turn around.

I really should have listened to the voice inside my head.

When I did turn around I saw my favorite number 5 fan brush broken into four small pieces. The handle was cracked in two. Today obviously wasn't my day and when I looked up I saw the source of my precious brushes death and all my frustrations... Cayden.

"Sorry I... I wasn't looking."

"You weren't looking"? I practically screamed at him.

How could he have not been looking he's the star hockey player for crying out loud he can spot a flying puck from across a slab of ice but he couldn't see all my scattered art supplies?!

"Why are you yelling"! He said. I realized it was my pent up anger at everything. His father's company slapping a shopping mall or some weird spa center over the only place I've ever felt at home! Him stepping on my favorite brush that was made of actual oak wood and took me 10 long car rides with my mom and 5 grueling hours to find, I was speechless... how could he not understand?

He had ruined everything. Ok maybe it was his dad but he was just as bad. He didn't think of anyone but himself, he thought the world revolved around hockey and his big head. I was so mad and riled up that I just didn't know what to do...

Of course with me being...well me I decided to insult him the best way I knew how... "YOU are an inconsiderate hockey head idiot"! I practically screamed.

I think he was shocked or maybe he just thought of something really funny because he had the weirdest reaction... he laughed. He was laughing at me! At this point I turned and walked away furious with myself for not only coming up with the possible worst comeback in the history of comebacks but also for just letting him get to me. Why? Why did I let him make me mad? He wasn't worth my time or my effort yet something about him just angered me. Was it the way he always got first pick of the dodge balls in gym and left the crappy ones for the rest of us? Or the way he walked like he owned the entire building? Or was it the fact that when I looked at him and I mean really looked I saw something, something that wasn't quite that bad.

I don't know if I can read people well. Heck I can barely read my own feeling sometimes, but if I could, if I could really believe in what my gut was telling me I'd think he was just as discouraged as I was. That maybe he knew the feeling too, but he didn't he would never understand what it's like to lose something like that... something that meant the absolute world to you. The more I thought the more I realized I was being WAY too deep right now and really needed to find my friend Addie to shake me out of this before I wrote Shakespeare's next sonnet.

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