So many kids but I only see you

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Amelia and I drove up an incline leading to the old cliff where this show was supposed to be. We followed the other cars until we found a place to park.

"How are you feeling about this?" She asked.

"More nervous than scared now, I suppose." I fidgeted with my fingers in the passengers seat.

We got out of the car and walked a little until we saw where everything was set up on the cliff.

There was a makeshift stage And pretty lanterns handing from the trees illuminating everything.
I wondered how they managed to get electricity up here as the first band went on.
Over the crowd of kids our age and a little bit older, I could see the Chicago skyline as the took on a pink and orange hue of the sun setting. This was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.

"Hey! There he is!" Amelia said excitedly as she pointed to a red haired guy with glasses, I knew it was the guy she liked, he looked her type.

"There is who?" A voice asked from right behind us making us jump. We turned around to see who had just scared us and possibly for Amelia to knock the crap out of them.

It was a short dark haired boy with hair sort of like how Amelia had fixed mine. He was quite obviously wearing girl jeans and a tight T-shirt with eyeliner smeared on his brown eyes that he booked like he had slept in.

"No one!" Amelia piped up defensively.

"Oh. I'm Pete. You two are?" He asked with a grin.

"I'm Amelia,and this is Paige."

"Well Amelia, that guy over there likes you, you should go talk to him." Pete pointed at Amelia's shaggy red haired crush that we had just been talking about.

"Really, how do you know?" She asked rather excitedly making me smile at the goofy look on her face.

"He's my friend" Pete replied.

"Can I-" Amelia began but I cut her off.

"Go" I said urging her with a reassuring smile and she trotted off happily leaving me here with this random guy with makeup.

"Your eyes are intensely blue." Pete said getting a little closer to me.

"Thanks." I replied almost rolling my eyes at him.

"So how old are you, blue eyes?"

"It's Paige, my name is Paige." I said correcting him. "And old enough"

"I know your name,and it's very pretty. How come I having seen you around here before?" He asked obviously making small talk. I might as well be nice to him considering he was the only one here talking to me.

"I don't really go to things like this." I said.

"You should more often, you know?" Someone called his name and he apologized to me before taking off.

I felt a bit awkward standing there alone so I went over to the drink area that was set up to see if they had anything nonalcoholic I could drink. To my surprise there was a cooler full of soda. I reached in and got a Mountain Dew from the icy water.

"Could you get me one of those too?... please." A soft voice asked from behind me. I reached into the cooler and took a second one out and turned around to hand it to the guy behind me who was patiently waiting on it.

The guy had a hat on and shaggy blondish brown hair with mutton chops just visible poking out from under his hat. he wore kind of tight jeans and a blue and white Michigan shirt. He gave me an awkward smile as he thanked me.

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