Sprints and History Assignment Partners

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"Is it just me, or are they evil?" I whispered to my new friends, Sean and Casey.

Sean had a girlfriend named Ella. Casey had a girlfriend named Bella. Bella and Ella sat there in shock. I hadn't eaten much of my lunch. No girls had come over and sat next to me. It was such an unfamiliar feeling.

Then I saw her. How was she here?

Lizzy. My ex-girlfriend. She moved when we were 15 and in our 5th year of dating. She just sat there, pretending not to notice my stare. She was only a few tables away.

But then I saw Amelia. She looked beautiful, but she was talking to Evan. Probably about his future. She caught me staring at her and glared in disgust.

Suddenly, my hands felt sticky. My face was sweaty. My throat was dry. I tried to lift my hands up from the table, but they were stuck to the table. I tried wiping my face with my sleeve, but I just got even sweatier. I took a long gulp of water, but it was as if it vanished into thin air.

I looked away from Amelia, and everything felt normal. My hands detached themselves from the table, my forehead wasn't as sweaty anymore, and my throat felt dry.

"Dude, you were just temporarily cursed, weren't you?" Casey asked sympathetically.

"I think I was." I sighed. The bell rang, and it was time for Gym for me.

I headed into the locker rooms and into my school uniform, and headed out. Amelia, Ella, Bella, Evan, Casey, Sean, Shelby(my younger sister's boyfriend's older sister), Lizzy, Jesse, Tom, Colin, Gracie, Daniella, and Eliza were there.

We went outside to the track and had to do a mile run for time. Four times around the track!

I was in the fastest set with Amelia, Jesse, Casey, and Eliza. I was in the fourth inner ring, because I was the second fastest after Amelia. Jesse was in the third inner ring, Casey in the second, and Eliza in the smallest ring.

I sprinted as fast as I could, attempting to stay at the same pace as Amelia, but she was too darn fast! Amelia got 2:27, Jesse got 3:24, Casey got 3:26, Eliza got 3:19, and I got 3:01.

Next period? English. I had Ms. Deion, a cranky, single 42-year-old with 3 kids and a tendency to call people by their last name using 'Ms.' or 'Mr.'. She had stringy caramel-gray hair, stern hazel eyes, and wire-rimmed spectacles that always stood on the end of her nose.

"For the next three weeks, you will have partners, and you and your partner will research information about your past relatives, and how your histories may have intertwined at one point." Ms. Deion said. "I will be assigning your partners."

She looked around the room. "Ms. Nix and Ms. Matthews." She decided on Ella and Rowan.

"Ms. Manto and Mr. Laban." Kayla and Sam.

"Mr. Lewis and Ms. Wilson." John and Rebecca.

"Mr. Wilson and Ms. Stone." Cecil and Ally.

"Mr. Mason and Mr. Writhe." Jake and Edward.

"Ms. Johnson and Mr. Tolstoy." Beth and Josh.

"Mr. Jackson and Ms. Grace." Percy and Thalia.

"Mr. di Angelo and Ms. Arellano." Nico and Reyna.

"Ms. Chase and Mr. Valdez." Annabeth and Leo.

"Mr. Longbottom and Ms. Abbott." Neville and Hannah.

"Mr. Thomas and Ms. Lovegood." Dean and Luna.

"Ms. McLean and Ms. Dare." Piper and Rachel.

"Mr. Grace and Mr. Prior." Jason and Caleb.

"Mr. Waters and Ms. Prior." Augustus and Beatrice.

"Ms. Lancaster and Mr. Mellark." Hazel and Peeta.

"Mr. Bernstein and Ms. Hope." Me and Amelia.

"Ms. Everdeen and Mr. Malfoy." Primrose and Draco.

"Ms. Parkinson and Ms. Tanaka." Pansy and Drew.

"There are 18 pairs, that means 18 presentations. I want a PowerPoint, a word file, an object, and a picture to represent each person and their history. There should be 36 of each of those things." said Ms. Deion. Amelia raised her hand.

"Yes, Ms. Hope?"

"May I please have a different partner? You see, Mr. Bernstein and I are incompatible, and we will never get any progress done during this project. It is illogical to put us as partners, as we would simply bicker rather than start or finish." she stated.

"I'm sorry, Ms. Hope, my decision is final." Ms. Deion sighed. Amelia sighed in defeat.

Why couldn't Ally just control Ms. Deion and get her to change some of the partners?!

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