Chapter 5

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Calum's POV: 

It's been a week since i asked Lana to be my girlfriend. I am so glad i asked her out. Right now I'm getting ready to take her out on our first date. i walk to my closet and pick out my nirvina t-shirt, blck skinny jeans and my blck vans. I get changed into my clothes and fix my hair before i put my grey beanie on. I grab my phone and wallet and walk down stairs. 

i walk into the lounge room too see all the boys and krystal watching TV. 

"Hey guys" i said sitting down. 

"Hey Cal" everyone said back. 

A few minutes later Lana walked down and into the lounge room. She looked beautiful, she must have noticed i was staring at her because she went red and looked down at the floor. I got up out of my seat and walked over to her. 

"Wow, you look beautiful" I said as kissed her on the cheek. 

"You dont look too bad yourself' She repied with a giggle.

" Lets go" I said as we entwined our fingers. 

"Bye Guys" We say as we walk out the door. 


Tonight Calum is taking me out on our frist date. I'm wearing my white infinity singlet, black high wasited skirt and my brown sandles. We are currently in the car, Calum said its a suprise. we sat in a comfortable silence for the whole car ride.  Calum stopped at the beach, i saw a picnic blanket with candles and a basket. 

"Wow" was all i could say. 

"I hope you like it" Calum said hugging me from behind. 

"I love it Cal"i said as we walked towards the blanket. 

We sat dowm and ate and we talked for what felt like forever. It was getting dark and i started getting cold. 

"You cold?" Calum asked. 

i nodded back yes. He took off his jacket and beanie and gave them to me to wear. I put them on and moved closer to him. We sat on the beach and talked for what felt like forever, we talked about everything and anything. 

"We better get back home, they will start getting worried about where we are." Cal said. 

"Aww okay" i said as he lifted me up to my feet. 

"I love you Calum" i said looking into his eyes. 

"I love you too princess" he replied before pulling me into a kiss. 

We broke away and started walking back to the car. 

Half way home i noticed Calum smiling. 

"What you smiling about" i asked.

"About how lucky i am to have an amazing girlfriend like you" He said keeping his eyes on the road. 

We finally got home, and everyone was still up watching tv in the loungeroom. 

"Hey Guys were home" i said walking into the loungeroom. 

"How was the date" Ashton asked. 

"It was perfect" Calum and I said at the same time. 

We sat down for a while and watched Tv, i started getting really tired, 

"Im going to go to bed, Night guys" i said to the group. 

"Me too" Cal said following me 

Everyone said good night. 

Once we got up to my room i got changed and layed in bed with calum. I moved closer to him so my head was lyng on his chest. 

"Good night Cal, i love you" i wispered 

"Nght beautiful, i love you too" He said. 

That was the last thing i remember before falling asleep thinking about Calum. 


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