Chapter 16: Past

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    You sat in your chair with a shocked face. I'm Jack. You belong to me. The words rang in your ear. Memories flooded your head.

   You were a small kid with a normal family whom loved you very much. You were eight and you were playing outside. "(f/n)! Come in for supper!" Mother called.

     "Coming!" You yelled while walking into the house. Your family had a normal home a normal life. Normal. Except you were one of the purest human being on earth.

     You came in after washing up for supper and you saw your father sitting at the end of the table. "Hello, my dear!" Your father kindly greeted you.

      "Hello father!" you smiled. Everyone was seated and eating supper like a normal family.

    There was a loud bang on the door. Your mother and father had a terrified look on their face which they soon shook off and told you everything was fine. You continued eating with a smile on your face.

    That night father and mother tucked you in bed and kissed you goodnight. You slowly fell asleep.

    There was a lound bang and yelling downstairs. You shot up and ran down stairs to see mother with a terrified face and crying. While father was outraged. You looked to see a tall figure that was holding a knife. "(f/n)! RUN GET OUT OF HERE!" Father screamed at you. You were terrified, your feet wouldn't move. You stared at the tall man holding a knife.

   "So this is the purest one?" The man said.

    "(f/n)! Run!" Mother said in a soft yet terrified voice.

  "Shut up!" The man yelled. Just then the outraged man slashed the knife through mother. Blood spilled everywhere.

     "M-mother?" You studered while tears streamed down your face.

        "Samantha!" Father yelled. He ran to mother.

  "You! You will pay!" Father raged.

      "Father! No!" You yelled.

   Father ran straight for the man.

      "Threma tonique," the man said in a low toned voice. You saw father shed blood that stained the wall.

   "See son, thats how you use black magic," the man said with a smile. A boy came from behind the man, the boy looked a little older than you. He looked like Jack.

    "You see that's how you use black magic," the man said chuckling.

        "I understand, " Jack said.

   "Now this pure human being can become very strong when she grows older, therefore we get rid of them now," the man said to Jack.

    "I see," said Jack with a devilish smirk on his face.

         You became furious. My parents died because of me? You thought. You were raged. "You will pay!" You screamed. You ran straight for the man and knocked the knife out of his hands. You were stained in blood. You stood back and started breathing heavily. Then you swiftly picked up the knife and pointed it at the man. Your hands started to shake as you gripped the knife. You nervously held the knife.

    "C'mon you pure human! Kill me!" He said taking this like a joke.

         You were furious. You were raged. A replay of mother and fathers death appered in your head. You were mad. Just then a light appeared in front of you. The man looked shocked. Jack looked scared. The light faded out and you were filled with anger and energy. A pair of wings appeared on your back. Half white and half black. You were filled with so much hatred yet, you were pure. The room was filled with black and white feathers.

     The man looked at Jack and whispered something into his ear. Jack nodded. Then the man looked back up with a terrified face.

    "You will pay!" you shouted. You ran straight for the man and stabbed him in the chest. Blood stains your white nightgown again.

        You started to breath heavily again. You looked back at Jack to see him with a terrified face. You pointed the knife at him. You Then he calmed himself. "I am Jack. You belong to me." He said with a smirk.


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