Chapter 1 Andy's pov

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I kept my head down and put my head phones in. I walked in the crowded lunch room. I looked around and saw a short guy with blonde hair with red tips and blue eyes with people all around him. I looked at his face and saw tears in his eyes. I walked closer to hear the conversation. "Dude thats nasty. " "Homo" "freak" i heard the people sneer. I saw him start scratching at his wrists. He stood up and tried to leave but the people around him just pushed him back. I walked up and grabbed one by the collar of his shirt. "What. The. Fuck. " I said. He looked at me and said," He was hitting on one of my bros. " "Leave him alone. " I sneered. I looked at him after they left. "You ok?" I asked. He never looked up at me. He nodded and murmered a thanks. He walked off. I decided to follow him. I followed him into the bathroom. I saw him take out a razor and drag it across his wrist. I left the bathroom. I didnt need to see more to know what he was doing. I walked into homeroom and sat in the back. I saw the boy walk in. He walked in with his head down. "Homo" someone in the class yelled. Every exept for me and him laughed. They threw different insults at him. I watched as he sat down and put in his earphones. He kept scratching at his wrists. As the day went on i saw i had every class but last period with him. After school i was walked down the hallway when i heard a couple of the jocks from this morning laughing about someones reaction. I walked into the boys locker room to see the guy with a bleeding wrist. I remembered his name from this morning. "Vic?" I said walking up and kneeling down in front of him and looked at his wrist. I looked in his bag and pulled out the bandages and cleaned off the blood. "Andy. " I started, "my name is Andy. " He looked at me. I saw tears in his eyes. I wrapped my arms around him. I felt him stiffen and start to pull away. " Sorry" i said scooting back a bit. I saw i tear run down his cheek. I slowly held out my arms. He scooted closer and cried into my shirt. I rubbed his back. I knew i had only knew him a day but i could tell he was different. His breathing slowed down and i saw he was asleep. I gently shook his shoulder. He slowly opened his eyes. "Let's get you home. " I said picking him up bridal style. He groaned and snuggled into my chest. I felt a small pang in my chest knowing i had to take him home. "Andy?" he whispered. I looked down at him. "Thank you. " he whispered. I smiled. I picked up our bags and carried him to my car. I set him in the passenger seat. "Vic?" i said. "Hmmm?" he asked with his eyes closed. "Where do you live?" i asked. "You see it. We'll pass it. Its yellow. " he mumbled. A few minutes later i stopped at a yellow house. "This it?" i asked. He nodded. He looked at me. He looked nervous. " Do you um wanna like come in or something?" he said playing with his hands. "Of course. " I said smiling. He smiled and blushed.

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