Chapter 2

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We stopped at a building marked "Burgers and fries." I hoped they're would be food there even though it was rundown and looked like it was 100 years old, but I knew Ben was just looking for his older brother, Tom. The nuclear war pretty much wiped everything out. Except for us. "The Renegades." We walked inside the dark building cautiously. Ben had gone in first. He tripped and accedentily fired his gun with shot hat off of me. Luckily he didn't shoot me in the head. We stared at what he had tripped over. A dead body. The man worked for the government because his uniform said W.G. "World Government." Then we heard a voice which said, "that bastard deserved that gun shot. I'm glad I shot him. I hate the government. " We turned to see Tom. It was the first time I'd ever saw Tom. He was and older man with a raspy voice. He grabbed his guns and his belongings out to the car. We now had six renegades of New York City. Ben, Adam, Carter, Tom, Me (john), and Quincy.

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