Zack's POV

I felt a sign of relief nung msgising sya st naalala nya na ko.. pero kailangan pa rin naming mag ingat lalo na si kiana

Lalo na ngayon, our enimies had known that kiana is my mate *sign* speaking of 'mate' hndi pa nya alam ung tungkol don .. napabuntong hininga nanaman ako ng malalim at nagising ko sya

Is there any problem ? Tanong nya

Nothing go back to sleep, i'll be watching you

Kumunot ang noo nya

There's something youre not telling me...

I sign

Come on tell my yohan  ... what is it ??

Uhm... it's about uhmm ....

Go ahead i'm listening

Kiana ... my princess ... you are my mate..

Your mate ?? Of course i am .. what about it ?

No its ahm ...

Shit !!! Pano ba toh ??? Nauutal ako..

Hahaha.. don't be so nervous not gonna eat you hahahaha

Tsk stop laughing !!.. you dont know what i've been throug!!

HAHAHAHA!!!! Youre over reacting yohan

Tsk!! Shes laughing at me tsk! Ok here it goes..

Kiana being my mate is not easy as being a mate of a normal human...

She became serious

What do you mean ??

*sign* being my mate is like giving up your virginity to me at taking me as the half of your life




Ok im ready to be yelled at

Im fine with it......


Youre what ???!!! You dont understan do you ??!!

I do understand... zack, i love you.. from the very start i already chose to give that to you in the second thought

Youre impossible!!!!!!!

I stood up and she fell over

Ouch!!!!! Whats with you ??!! I told you that is ok with me so you wont bother and think of it anymore!!! And now youre being mad and yelled at me ?? Im the one who should have done that but i didnt!!!!

I felt like i've swallow my tounge ... i cant say a word

Look im....

I was going to say sorry but she cut me off

Save it....



Im shock for what i heard

What do you mean ??? Kiana pleas im so-

You dont want me to be your mate as you have said you dont want to take me...

No its not like that...

Then what is it like ???!! You said that you will need to take my fucking virginity as your mate!! Then i agree because i love you.. but you ... you rejected me... you refuse to take me ..... is there something wrong with me ??

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