photo shoot (part 1)

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" that isn't in my job description. " Eva said politely as she set the breakfast table.

" neither is cooking, but you seem to do a pretty good job at that." top stated satisfied with his lovely meal of boiled eggs, salad and a bowl of banana oat meal.

" this is true." Tae smiled, looking down at his food, she prepared every meal different to satisfy all thier taste and diets.

" are we really going to talk about eating when she looks this edible in the morning." seungri pointed out. Her outfit was normal, shorts and a tanktop she throw on before her morning shower. The men turned thier heads to her as she prepared daesung ' s breakfast. They all nodded, but ji's gaze lingered a bit.

He stomach began to sink, ever since that night he had been dreaming about this girl. Here she was making him breakfast and chatting it up with his friends.

His eyes slowly flowed to her chest, large and plump, her gorgeous skin tone shined as the light poured in through the floor to ceiling windows. He let his gaze fall to her flat stomach which then led down the her thick hips and perfect legs. Ji sighed before he noticed top was eyeing him.

He shrugged and top smiled and shook his head. " i think you would do well, you have a nice frame. The camera's would love you." top announced. " that's what you should have said ." he looked straight at ji with harsh smerk.

" she said she didn't want to do it." ji growled. " don't you think it's best we respect her wishes. the girls will be there, anyway. The last thing we want is for them to think they have to compete"

"as if there would be any competition. " Eva said sliding dae his meal.

" you're right. There would be no competition" ji huffed. " without any effort, you would win." he made an unhappy face before dropping his napkin and leaving the table.

" no- I- that's not what I mean." she sighed, as he completely disappeared into the hallway. She rubbed her upper arm with an uncomfortable look on her face.

" he knows." Tae said pacing up his plate." he was just stating facts." he then picked up ji's plate. " I'll wash if you dry."

" sounds perfect." the rest went about thier normal morning, they had a photo shoot today ,later in the evening.

" would you at least come, my shoot is last. I would really like it if you could keep me company. " Dae Said handing tae a plate.

" If you really want me too. Then how could I Say no." she grinned, doubting this was going to be at all pleasant.

" i promise I'll keep the princesses off you're back."

" and I'll make ji be nice." Tae confirmed.

" we will all be on our best behavior. " top said pulling her away from the sink. " I'll help you get ready." he squealed, pulling her to her room.

" uh- do I have to dress up for this?" she asked.

" no, what you usually wear is fine." he laughed. " but I want to dress you up."

" you're really excited about this aren't you?" she walked over to her bed. " well, be my guest." she pointed to her closet. He slung hanger after hanger before he lifted a black urban print blazer and a pair of leather pants. He turned to her and then sighed.

" give me a second?" he asked before rushing out of the room. He leaped across the hallway opening ji's door.

" Excuse you!" ji shouted turning around giving top a dirty look. The one thing he does not miss about dorm living is the little privacy that comes with it.

" i need to brow some clothes." top stated, before rushing to ji's closet.

" why?" he gawked, his style was nothing close to tops.

" because you have a top that would fit eva perfectly. " top ruffled through his outfits.

" why would she- she is not a barbie! " Ji yelled. Top did this so often, he saw a pretty women and wanted to play." this isn't build-a-bitch! Did you atleast ask nicely?"

" yes-yes! Jesus. I would never insult her!" he growled. " she's tooooo cute." he grabbed a few things then made his leave.

" here." he tossed her a loose pink tank, three rings, à hat and two necklaces.

" all of this?" she asked looking through it. It was so much to wear at one time.

" yea, it'll look nice I promise." he turned her pink chair and faced the tv so that she could change. " an Xbox one!" he shouted startling her. " you play video games."

" yea, after i got out of a bad relationship, I had a strange desire to play games, do you play?"

" do I play." he mocked with a chuckle. " would you like to challenge me to a duel sometime?" he said with confidence spewing from him.

" alright but you might need a few therapy sessions after i smash all that confidence with my win." she said smugly.

" oh so you think you got skill!" he laughed.

" oh yea." her words were muffled as she slipped the top on. After setting all of the accessories in thier rightful places she allowed top to take a look. " what do you think?" she asked, she had tucked in the shirt in the front allowing the back to hang lower then the Blazers hem. her pants were tight but flattering. Everything looked perfect. She slipped on some leather healed boots.

" it looks great, it's a little bit like all of us." he left the room to get dressed himself, while she waited for the boys in the living room.

" wow." tae stated as she stood by the fireplace.

" hmm, yea top had a few idea's. "

" have you ever considered being an idol. You could make a lot of money." he informed her.

" no, I wouldnt be very good at something like that. It takes a special kind of person to pull that off." she laughed clinching on to a picture frame with both hands.

" you look at that picture a lot, who is she?" he asked as she placed it back on the mantel

" lets go!" Dae yelled Running down the stairs ,top not far behind." Seungri and ji are taking the next car. " he slung his bag over his shoulder and ran out the door.

" looks like it's time to get going." Tae said slinging his arm over her shoulders, leading her to the car. She watched out the window as they passed building after building.

she could help but think maybe she could start a new life here. Away from the troubles she created. She could make friends and start over from scratch.

It was life was giving her a second chance.

Eva was pulled away from her thoughts when the car came to a halt. As she stepped out of the car she noticed top and tae getting agitated while steping infront of her. as if they were her new body guards.

" and who is she?" The voice rang in her ears. They stepped aside, sighing heavily as they gave up thier position.

When the two finally parted she saw a gorgeous blonde standing infront of her. Her red lips snarled at the sight of her, the women crossed her arms and tilted her head.

" well?"

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