Finding Anabelle

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                Finding Anabelle

Chapter 1                         By:Tayrox13

My Name is Ashley Miller. I have blonde hair and blue eyes. I have a sister her name is Anabelle.

I was 12 and Anabelle was 4 we were running around in the back yard. Then we saw a car pull in and men walked in the house and we heard yelling and our mom yelled "RUN!" So I grabbed Belles hand and we ran as fast as we could into a forest behind our house. Then I put Belle on my back and kept running until I couldn't. We sat on a tree on the ground and Belle started crying asking "What's wrong?" "Is mommy okay?" and "I'm scared."

"Its gonna be okay Belle. I'm right here." I said hugged her. Then I took off the locket I was wearing and put it on Belle.

"This is a reminder that no matter were you are or what happens I will always find you." I said. Then I pulled out a paper and wrote:

Dear Anabelle,

Its your sister Ashley. I love you and will find you.

-XOXO Ashley

I put it in the locket. And we continued walking away.

"If they find us and seperate us. You can't let them see this locket. I want you to stay strong and never forget me. I love you Anabelle." I said.

"I love you Ashley." she said. It was getting dark so I made a fire and we sat beside it.

"What's going to happen to us Ashwey?" Belle asked.

"I don't know Belle. I don't know." I said. Then I heard a noise and we stood up and Belle hugged onto me harder then ever before.

"Who's there?" I asked.

"Don't worry. Were not gonna hurt you." said a man. There was another man behind him.

"Leave us alone." I said.

"Sorry, dear. But we are gonna have to take you two." he said. Then he grabbed Anabelle and she started screaming. We wouldn't let go. Then a man grabbed me by my waist pulling me back. Then we lost grip.

"NO ANABELLE" I yelled as he took her away. I tried so hard to get out of this mans grasp. But he had a pretty good grip on my waist.

"LET ME GO!" I said. Then he threw me over his shoulder and took me away.

Present day....

Name hasn't changed but life has. I've spent all my time trying to runaway from this house. I live with the man who took me from my sister, John. But I've been locked in the attic. So I can't leave. I don't get to leave at all. There's a bathroom and a bed. I'm aloud out in tomorrow for some stupid reunion thing. I'm 14 now meaning Anabelles 6.

Next day...

"I'm having the family reunion today and I'm allowing you out. If you do anything stupid I swear you will never eat or see the sunlight again. So take a shower put on this dress and brush your hair." John said and left. Well I don't know what to do so I took a shower and brushed my hair but I didn't put on the dress I wore a T-shirt and jeans. Then layed in my bed. A few minutes later John came in.

"I thought I told you to put on the dress." he said mad. I stood up.

"I don't like dresses and refuse to wear one." I said. Then he slapped me, hard.

"You will do as I say." he said mad.

"No!!" I said mad.

"Do it now or I will do it for you!" he said very mad and very serious. Then slapped me even harder.

"Don't ever talk to me like that again." he said. Then left. I put on the dress and sat on my bed.

Later that night...

I was standing by the food table getting food. Then a boy came over.

"Hey, I'm Jason." he said.

"Hi, I'm Ashley." I said.

"Can I show you something?" he asked.

"I don't know." I said.

"Come on you'll love it." he said.

"Okay not to long though." I said.

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