Imagine for Merredith (Hayes)

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I watched my boyfriend hayes score a touchdown with 30 Seconds left in the game. I smiled as he waved at me in the stands. The game was over and hayes and his team went to the locker room. I walked from the bleachers to meet up with hayed after he was done getting dressed. "Merredith!" My friend Samm yelled. "Im going to starbucks. You wanna come?" "No I have a date with hayes." I blushed. "Ooo have fun." She winked and hugged me goodbye. I went to go meet up with Hayes in the parking lot when I saw him standing against the wall kissing his ex. "Hayes Grier what the hell!" I yelled causing her to jump. "Merredith its not what it looks like." "Oh really? Because to me it looks like you were sucking faces with your ex." I sassed. "No. Im sorry." Hayes no. How could you!" "I sorry. Just let me explain." He said walking over to me" "Bye Hayes." I walked away with hot tears running down my face. I went home and took off Hayes's jersey he gave me and threw it across my room with it landing on the chair. I laid on my bed with a tank top and shorts on letting the tears run down my face. ^ A few hours later^ I stopped crying and got ready for bed when I heard a knock at my door. "Hayes?" I said. "Hi." He said shyly. "Merredith can we can." I was still mad at him but I nodded and followed him. "Where are we going?" I asked. "The park." He said. "Merredith look I'm sorry about what happened earlier. I was waiting for you and she came up and kissed me. You know I wouldn't cheat on you or hurt you in anyway." I knew he was right. "Im sorry I overreacted." "You didn't. " he smiled. "I love you." He pressed his lips to mine.

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