15~ He was perfect

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Emily's POV:

It was morning. I still couldn't get Issac off my mind. He was perfect.

I rolled out of bed and went into my bathroom to get ready. If I'm James Dean, Then You're Audrey Hepburn played. And it made me think of Issac.

I closed my eyes while listening to the song and all our memories played in my mind

I smiled.

I slipped on a Asking Alexandria t-shirt, some skinny jeans, black converse, my bracelets, and my cute bow.

I walked out the door and saw my sister getting ready. She was listening to Fancy-by Iggy. She was wearing a Floral skirt, a pink crop top, jewlery, and some sandals. She was putting some Pink lipstick on when she noticed me. "Ugh that's what you're wearing today?" she smirked. She whispered ,"Freeaaak" while slipping a head bands on.

"Shut up" I said quietly.

She chuckled and said "OMG! One Direction has a new album!!" and ran off.

Sometimes, my sister made me feel like a hidious person. She always seemed to know how to ruin my day. But I always ask myself what the hell I ever did for everyone to hate me.

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