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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 1: A New Begining

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As we turn into our driveway of our new house i feel excited yet not.
There were still curtains left in the house from the previous owners but i knew i was taking them down soon
Me and jaxson have been going out
for a while now and we finally decided
to move in to together now that we are
both 21 i feel that im at an early start
and we are both excited for this day
and i cant wait to restart my life over.
Me and jaxson are unloading his truck, my mustang, and the u-haul we had rented. I could tell that jaxson was excited for us and i was happy because i just finished my 4th movie, and as i was thinking this is perfect for us he looked down at me and smiled.
At that moment i saw one of the curtains move in one of the upstairs bedrooms my smile quickly turned to a frown "you ok" he asked with a concerned look on his face "yea i said forcing a smile and breaking my line of focus "yea im fine". But i didnt let that get me down in thinking my house was haunted, i mean it did strike a few questions in my head but none that had horrible answers to them..... I hope.
We start to move things into the house boxes upon boxes upon more boxes started to pile in the house, once we were done taking the boxes inside it began to get dark so jaxson decided to take the u-haul back i didnt want to go cause i wanted to atleast get a few things out for the night. Jaxson pulled into the driveway and, came through the door with pizza, wich was great because i had been starving throughout the day, packing,loading,unloading,unpacking that kinda stuff. "delivery" jaxson joked as he closed the door behind him. "good your home and you didnt come back empty handed either" i joked as i walked over and put a movie in.
"Whatchya doin"
"Putting oujia in, ya know that movie that we have been dieng to see since we saw the previews" i said sarcasticaly. "Well while you get that ready, ill get the the pizza ready"."sounds good to me". As he came out from the kitchen, he had pizza on paper plates. "ohh classy" i said sarcasticaly with a smile. I guess i had fallen asleep for a while because the movie was back to the main menu and jaxson was asleep. As i got up to use the bathroom jaxson woke up and asked what i was doing "im going to the bathroom, but go back to sleep so you dont fall asleep on me tomorrow" i said with a smile.

As I returned to the living room, laying back down on the couch next to Jaxson. I was bored and tired so i grabbed my phone off of the kitchen counter. I had woken up shortly after to a loud thud upstairs, I figured it was just the house settling but at the same time i pulled the covers up closer to my face to feel safe, wich i knew wasnt at all true but it was a new house and i think its safe to say that pretty much all new houses were creepy at first. I didnt want to wake Jaxson up for something so unimportant such as a noise upstairs, so instead i went up to investigate myself.

As i walked up the stairs, step by step i finally made it to the upstairs hallway. I then whispered "Hello", im not sure why because its not like i wanted nor expected a response. At that moment i heard a tapping sound coming from the first room on my left. As i approached the room my heart was beating out of my chest, knowing anything could be behind this door, I slowly creaked the door open to find nothing but an empty, cold, and dark room wich consisted of a small closet. I turned to leave the room as I heard a rolling sound, almost as if you would take a crayon and roll it across a wooden floor. My heart sunk to my stomach, almost leaving me swearing it hit the floor. I turned back around to face the empty room and for a second everything was quiet, then i heard a light knocking coming from what I could tell, the closet. As i stepped toward the closet I heard nothing, i swung open the door only to reveal darkness. I decided to return to the couch to get some sleep.

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