Chapter 12: The final Battle part 2

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Jack's POV

I struggled to fight Jade. He was much more powerful than I expected. He laughed in my face, "Ice vs Shadows and Shadows win!" I growled and found a strange power that sent him flying down to the earth, completely frozen solid. I looked around and saw Sol fighting Ace and Luna at the same time. I flew down and pinned Ace, which then turned into a Shadow before appearing and barely missing a swipe of his sword. I used my staff as a sword and to block. He almost won but Tooth saved me.

Luna's POV

Sol and I flew into the air, fighting with our weapons. We were equally powered and it seemed impossible to win. It felt like hours before I gained the upper hand and sent him flying backwards. It wasn't long before Di leaped up and tried to send me away. I grinned, "Fool." and knocked her to the ground. Storm became extremely mad and it was like a hurricane. The army I had fell apart one by one and it was just me, Pitch, and Lance left. I snarled and backed up.

I summoned night creatures to distract them while I tried to find their weak spot. North was guarding the kids but everyone else was fighting so it had to be an easy target. Jamie and his friends will make them surrender. I crept closer but North noticed me and shoved me back. I withdrew my swords and we got into a sword fight. Our clanging and clashing allowed Jamie and friends to escape. I kicked North back and with anger, sent shadows flying to knock North against the wall. It wasn't over just quite yet, I thought.

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