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The club was packed but I wasn't all that surprised as it was Friday. I continued to do my job, cleaning up the bar benches and serving people drinks and small portions of greasy fries and salads. More 40 something year old men walked in with smirks on their face like they were hunting their pray. I sighed as I got a dry tea towel and dried the beer glasses left on the counter top. It was only 10:46pm and my shift ended at 3:00am which was the time the club closed.

"Hi," A high pitched voice squaked. "Hey, how can I help?" I smiled, tucking the towel into my leg apron. "Could I get a dozen shots for my friends on that table?" She asked. "Sure," I smiled handing her a number for her table. "Oh make them vodka." She smiled skipping off. I sighed grabbing a tray and 12 litte glasses filling them up and taking the $20 bill she left on the counter and getting her $4 change. I balanced the tray in my hand carefully walking over to table number 21.

"Here you are," I smiled setting the tray down and giving the perky blonde her change. "Thanks," The group said as I walked off. I tied my hair up in a high ponytail to get it out of my face. "Hey Sweet cheeks," Mandy spoke slapping my butt. "Hey," I laughed lighty to my co-worker. "Aparently Cassie went anal," She laughed loudly. "I'm not surprised," I muttered drying some dishes. "2 speights and a serving of corndogs at 14 girls," Marcus our manager said walking past us. "Yeah." We yelled together.

I grabbed the glasses as Mandy went back into the kitchen. I pulled the knob slowly watching the speights pour into the glass and doing the same with the other glass. I carried them over to table 14. "Your food will be about 20 minutes," I smiled walking off. I turned to the door as four teenage looking boys walked in. "How can I help?" I smiled at them. "This kid needs a hook up," The tan boy said. "Alright," I laughed leading them to the leather couches. "Can we have Fran?" A boy with red hair asked. "Sure." I laughed walking to the back.

"Fran, four guys on the couches, I think only one needs you," I said to her and walking back to them. "Drinks or food?" I asked them. One boy had dissapeared with Fran before but I doubt he'll get it, Fran knows innocence and he had it. "Uh, just a gin and tonic with lemon for me," The blonde boy smiled. "Okay, and you two?" I asked. "I'll have the same," The tan one nodded. "And i'll have a coke," I nodded at them. "Follow me." I said walking to a table against the wall.

"So, no food?" I asked as they sat down. "Oh, nachos," The blonde said once again. "Okay, share size?" I asked. He nodded his eyes with a gentle smile before I walked off.

I told Todd that there was one order of share size nachos. "That's insane, who wants to share food?" He scoffed. "Whatever." I laughed walking back to the bar.

"So?" Mandy asked Fran as she sat down on a stool. "I hate this job," She sighed. "Hey, why don't you quit?" Mandy sarcastically said. "I need the money," She mumbled. "How about we head to the back?" I sighed. "Working," The two said. "Hey, so am I. I'm going out back for a few." I said and walked across the wooden floor to the kitchen.


I leaned against the brick wall taking another swig of the cigarette. "Smoking is an awfully bad habit," Somebody's voice said. "I know," I shrugged. "Please tell me you're not gonna go all Augustus Waters and his metaphors on me," He laughed softly. "You wish." I replied. He walked closer and I could hardly make out his facial features but I knew that it was the boy who came in with the other guys before.

"Why are you even out here, aren't
you supposed to be working?" He asked standing right next to me, his denim jacket touching my bare arm. "Aren't you supposed to be fucking Fran?" I retorted. "Nah, she said something about innocence," He shrugged, not even the slightest bit offended by my growl. "Sounds like her," I laughed throwing by butt on the ground and rubbing my combat boot over it. "Nice shoes," He smirked, tabbing the studs with his boot. "Thanks." I muttered insecurely for no reason.

"So why are you here at a sex club?" I asked him. "No reason," He whispered. "Lemme guess, girlfriend dumped you after you confessed your undying love for her?" I laughed softly. "Well.. yeah," He gulped shyly. "I'm so sorry." I whispered placing my hand on his shoulder, in a comforting way not 'i'm sorry lets go make out in a sex club' kind of way.

"How about a drink, on me," I smiled widely. "Oh no, I don't want you getting fired," He shook his head. "Trust me, i'll take the blame," I smiled at him. "What'd your name?" I asked him. "Ashton, you?" He responded. "Carter, Carter Forth," I smiled. I grabbed his hand pulling him into the kitchen and to the bar. I sat him down on a stool before pouring him a glass of some sort of beet I couldn't read because of the dim lights but put a lemon on the glass. "Thank you, Carter." He smiled.

"Really, thank you."

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