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Pen Your Pride

Chpt 27 - Stalker alert

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Karli's POV


The last few weeeks here with Nash have been nothing but fun. I am so glad we got back together. He honestly makes me the most happiest girl in thw world.

I have been spending a lot of time with Karina lately and she is hilarious. shawn finally found that girl Nona again and he is completely head over heels in love with her. She hangs out with me and Karina and Gracie a lot too.

I have two days until volleyball tryouts and classes start a week and a half after that. There aren't many athletes at the schook since it is a fashion college so there will be very few girls trying out in general but there still will be cuts.

Nash knows how nervous I am so he decided to take me out for dinner tonight, then everyone is going to him and Cam's place tomorrow and he will come calm me down the next day. He is so sweet how he planned everything out for me.

For the meantime while I am waiting for Nash to pick me up at 5:30 I decide to go shopping. It's one o'clock now so i decided to make sure i was home by 4:30 to get ready.

I pull into the parking garage at the mall and as I am walking towards the elevator a car backed out of its spot and almost hit me. It stopped about three inches away from me. I dropped my phone and iced tea.

The iced tea went everywhere but my phone didn't shatter. A guy comes running out of the car "Oh my god! I'm so sorry are you okay?"

I look up at him and see it's Nate. "Oh hey Nate! Don't worry I'm fine."

"Karli! Hey! Why don't I take you to buy another iced tea."

"Ha ha that sounds great."

We went inside the mall and went towards the food court on the way this girl stopped me and asked me why I was with Nate if I am dating Nash. A huge crowd of girls came over and started doing the same. They all took pictures of us together and I guess tweeted them at Nash because I got a text asking if I was okay.

After me and Nate got some drinks and something to eat we ended up just sitting around talking about stuff until I realized it was 4:30 and I had to rush home right now.

Since I hadn't actually gone shopping I had to find something in my closet to wear. I grabbed a blue tribal print maxi shirt and a loose white tank. I put my hair out of its braid and it hadso many waves. I put some light makeup on and sprayed my Be Enchanted perfume.

At 5:25 I got a text from Nash: Just pulled into the lot I'll be up in a sec.

I quickly went to the bathroom and grabbed my cross body bag.

He didn't tell me where we were going so I hope I dressed alright. When I opened the door he gave me a huge hug as if something was wrong.

We walked down to the lot and got in his car. We drove in silence and he kept looking over at me from time to time but not how he usually does.

We got to this little resturant on the boardwalk and we got out. We sat down and ordered but he kept looking around as if he was looking for someone.

"Nash are you alright?"

"Oh um yeah I'm fine" He said.

Nash's POV


After I saw Nate and Karli together today I immediately wanted to kill the guy.

I don't want anything to happen to her and I cannot lose her to a stalker freak. I wonder how he even know she was going to be at the mall today, or maybe he invited her and she said yes? I don't know but I don't want to tell her just yet he has been stalking her.

I thought he was going to show up at the resturant so I was looking around. i guess Karli noticed because she asked if i was alright. I lied and told her no.

We started to get into normal conversation but I was still nervous.

Tomorrow morning I am going to find Nate and tell him to leave Karli alone.




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