chapter o n e

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unknown number: Hi, is this Michael?

me: yes, who dis? lol

unknown number: I'm scared to tell you.

me: why¿?

unknown number: Well, I haven't talked to you before. But I know you.

me: how do you know me if you haven't talked to me

unknown number: Because I just do. Can we talk for a little while and then I'll tell you who I am?

unknown number: Is that okay?

me: sure but why did you text me if you didn't want me to know who are are?

me: Michael's confused

unknown number: Referring to yourself in third person is cute.

me: thx¿

me: I promise I won't kill you or something if you tell me who you are..

unknown number: Hah..

unknown number: I know you won't. You're too nice to kill me.

unknown number: I hope.

me: okay you've called me cute and nice so you must know me but idk how.. is this some sort of awful prank?

me: bc it's not good

me: not good at all

unknown number: I'll give you hints at who I am.

unknown number: You get three questions.

me: first question - who are you

unknown number: Omg not that question

me: fine

me: do you go to my school?

unknown number: No.

me: do you go to a school at all?

unknown number: Your questions suck.

unknown number: But the answer is yes. I go to uni.

me: hm

me: how do you know me?

unknown number: I used to be friends with your brother. That's your last question.

me: my brother? really?

me: -10 points for hanging out with him

me: can I ask one more question?

me: pleaseee

unknown number: Fine, Only one.

unknown number: And only because you're cool.

unknown number: Make it a good question though.

unknown number: But don't ask who I am.

me: will you tell me what your name starts with?

me: or your last name...

me: no wait

me: what does your first name start with?

unknown number: A :-)



jk ily

I'm writing this bc I'm bored. plz don't say I'm copying someone's plot because I'm not. I promise it gets different real fast okay

thx for reading I love you alll

bye losers

peace out homiez

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