Just One Taste

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I felt relieved when Klaus and I finally left the grill, the stares I was getting from everyone were really getting to me. I didn’t like being the center of attention at times and Klaus wasn’t really making it better, being as compelling as he was and drawing everyone to him like a moth to flame.

He didn’t tell me where we were going afterwards but we ended up at Rebecca’s house.

“What are we doing here?” I asked quietly.

“You’ll see love.” Klaus answered, smiling at me.

I simply nodded as he opened my door and helped me out of the car. I wondered to myself why he didn’t live here with his sister but I didn’t voice my question. It would all come out in due time.

Instead of leading me into the house, he walked around to the back of it and towards a trail that led into the woods. My heart rate picked up and I didn’t notice as Klaus smiled to himself, hearing it. I followed him into the woods and we walked for about fifteen minutes and then he told me to close my eyes. Obeying, I followed behind him, blind. After another five minutes, he finally stopped walking and told me to open my eyes. I did and was amazed at what I saw. We were in a wide clearing that was surrounded in trees. The trees were covered in small twinkling lights and there was a little creek that ran along the far edge of the forest.

I turned to him smiling and found that he was staring at me.

“It’s breathtaking.” I said, staring around again.

“Yes, the view is quite something.” Klaus said, and if I had been looking at him I would’ve noticed that he was staring at me with the smirk on his face that he always seemed to have.

“How did you do this?” I asked, motioning to the lights and the blanket on the ground.

“I set it up before our dinner.” He answered and then nodded towards the blanket.

I sat down slowly, still looking at the sight before me. It was growing dark and from our position we could see the setting sun and the stars that would come out.

“You sure are romantic aren’t you?” I said, looking at the man next to me.

“I’ve had a lot of free time.”

**Klaus POV**

I am glad now that I had my hybrids set this up for me. The look on Madeline’s face was exquisite. I watched as she craned her neck to look at the sights around her. The sun was already making its descent, and the lightning bugs were flying around. I caught myself staring at her jugular and tried to fight myself to not drink from her. What would one taste hurt? I could compel her to forget it and she could drink my blood to heal the mark. I’m the bad guy, I ruin everything I have good in my life so why should this be any different? But sadly, the very idea of causing this poor girl hurt, hurt me as well. I needed to get rid of her, I couldn’t afford to look weak.


I felt Klaus’s hand on my neck and I turned my head to look at him. There was a certain gleam in his eye and I didn’t know whether to smile or back away. He inched closer to me and leant down to kiss my neck. I felt a sudden pain in my neck and before I passed out, I heard someone yell Klaus’s name and felt him ripped away from me.


I felt my body being launched away from Madeline and I turned quickly, lowering myself into a defensive crouch. I saw Elena standing there over her sister’s body. Her delicious sister, might I add. But I found myself growling as I saw Damon getting closer to Madeline. She was mine.

“Get away from her!” I roared at Damon and saw him smirk in defiance.

“So you eat her and then decide you want to protect her. Your very confusing Nick.” Damon mocked me.

“She’s mine. Get away now before I kill you.” I felt my fangs lower down and I snapped at them, causing Elena to back away.

Stalking closer caused Elena to retreat further and inside I was celebrating at how easy it was to get them away from Madeline. But Damon wasn’t moving.

“One bite from me, mate, and you’ll be dead. I’ll be damned before I give you my blood to heal you.” I said, smiling at Damon.

“Your already dammed you monster.” Elena said, glaring at me, not bothering to check on her sister.

“You’re just like me, my darling doppelgänger. And if you love your sister so much, why is it that you haven’t checked on her yet. She is bleeding out you know.”

“I’m trying to get her away from the cause of her pain first you bastard!” She yelled, causing my anger to grow.

“One taste wasn’t going to kill her. And you would be best not to test my patience or I will kill everyone you love, leaving you for last. Now leave before I rip your heart from your chest.” I growled out.

Elena shrunk back, leaving Damon in front of her now.

“And you would be smart to be nicer to your sister.” I said, standing from my crouch and walking forward to the passed out woman on the ground.

“You’re one to talk, you just tried draining her.” Damon said.

“I said leave!” I roared and they quickly ran off, leaving me with Madeline.

I picked her up gently and raced to my home, placing her on my bed. I licked the blood off of her neck and gently filled her mouth with mine. Then I waited for her to awake so I could compel her to forget the incident.

I felt shamed at my actions, knowing I could have seriously harmed her. Even one taste of her blood had me craving more, I had never tasted anything as delicious as that before in my life. I had to have her to myself and I wouldn’t let anything or anyone come in the way of that.




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