August 13th | Your eyes are like a blackhole

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August 13th

Wynter fell asleep in my arms when I was stroking her hair and whispering in her ear telling her to forget about that ass that did this to her and that she'll feel better. When I saw her sleeping body in my arms I felt like I always had to protect and... and I don't know what else. I felt this warmth grow in my chest that I've never felt before. I felt so much emotions at once that I couldn't even handle it and fell asleep also.

"Kyle... kyyyyyle." I woke up with somebody shacking me and saying my name.

"Huh?" I rubbed the sleep away from my eyes and I saw purple hair in my way. I sat up and looked at Wynter in front of me sitting on her bed. "How did we get on here?"

"I dragged you." She said shrugging. "Good morning by the way." Wynter smiled.

"Good morning gorgeous." I said then quickly sat get down on my lap. She laughed, because I cradled her like a baby and started to swing her.

"Kyle okay okay." She said laughing and so was I. I settled down and kept her in my lap looking into her beautiful dark eyes.

"Your eyes are like a black hole." She gave me a bored look then said thanks. Me holding her, I feel so much... I don't know warmth? I want to hold her like this everyday. I want her body in my arms, I want to know more of her, I want to just get to know her properly. I think I want to be with her...

"I want to be with you." I said looking deep into her eyes.

"You do..." She asked in a low whisper. "What made you think you want to be with me? Is it what I said to you last night? You feel pity for me?" She asked screaming at me and trying to get out of my lap I held her down and made her look at me.

"Stop assuming shit. I want to be with you, because behind your bitchiness you're beautiful and sexy. I feel this warm feeling inside my chest now that I'm with you. I want you and only you. Forget about that asshole Markus, fuck, forget about Shaun. I want you Wynter." Wynter looked deep into my eyes and kissed me so gently that I almost couldn't feel her sweet soft lips. I moved in closer to make the kiss deeper and deeper. Her lips moved in sync with mine. I don't think I could ever stop. Shit, I spoke too soon. Wynter stopped kissing me and looked at me breathing hard.

"I want to be with you too Kyle." I smiled widely picked her up, got up from the bed, and swung her around like in those fairy tale movies. When I sat her down, I started to kiss her all over her face. She laughed the hole time when I was kissing her. When I finally stopped she put her arms around my neck and looked into my eyes.

"Promise you won't hurt me like Markus did?" Her voice cracked when she said his name. I cupped her face with my hands.

"I promise I'll never hurt you like Markus. And promise me you'll never say his name again." She looked down at the floor. I moved her face too look at me. "Promise me."

"I promise." I hugged her tightly and never wanted to let go. The whole day we spent it together at her house, watching bad horror flicks and even good ones. Wynter and I never saw the notebook but her mom instead we should so we all watched it together in the living room. I have to admit... I cried like a little bitch. Wynter's words may I be exact. The whole time, us watching the movie she was in my lap cuddling me and her ma saying we look so cute together. All the time she said that, I blushed. I never blush. Men don't blush. Nah, we do.

Wynter and I still joked on each other here and there, but it wasn't those mean jokes and comebacks we used to do with each other. It was mostly a boyfriend girlfriend thing. More... relationshipy. And the whole time, I actually enjoyed myself. I'm not going to question why I am and how I am. I'm going to say I'm enjoying myself, because I want to be with Wynter. I actually do, but I am going to ask two questions. What made me think that I really wanted to be with Wynter? Was it the warmth I was feeling deep inside my chest? Or was it, because I wanted to show her there's other people besides her jackass of an ex boyfriend Markus? I guess we'll find out sooner or later.

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