Ugh, not again

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A/N Sorry that I didn’t update in a long, long time. I mean, it wasn’t that long, but I’m used to updating at least every 3 days, or 4, so, to me I have not updated in a long time. This might be the last chapter of this story. But, I’m making a sequel to this story, called Percy’s Big Mistake #2. It won’t be out that fast though. I think. Enjoy the chapter!

Percy’s Pov

I sighed. I should’ve just gone to sword training. But it’s still worth it. Well, okay, Mr. D is probably punish me for lying, Annabeth will have her glory, and I’ll still (probably) have to go to sword training.

“Time for your surgery!” a nurse said, cheerfully.

It sounded like she really wanted to see me die painfully.

Then, I was brought to room 613, on the 3rd floor.

Then they put sleeping gas on me and then fell asleep.

Doc’s Pov

Oh wow, I totally know what this kid did. I skipped class, pretending that I was sick, and ended up in the hospital too!

Oh, I’m pretty sure all the growing men have been in the hospital pretending that they were sick.

Ah….. Good times, good times.

5 hours later……

“Okay, this boy, is not sick at all. OK, he has a cold, but whatever,” I said.

The man in the wheel chair nodded.

1 hour and 5 minutes later…..

Annabeth’s Pov

“Percy! I knew it! You weren’t sick at all,” I yelled.

“Well, I had a cold…. But they gave me medicine for it, they’re really nice aren’t they,” Percy said, annoying me.

“Whatever,” I sighed.

“Alrightie, time to get to bed!” Percy said cheerfully.

5 minutes later….

“I hoped you learned your lesson,” I said, as I reminded him that I beat him up a few minutes ago.

“Yeah, Yeah, I promise on the River Styx. Cross my heart, hope to die. Pinkie promise.”

Next week…….

“Hey guys…. I’m like sick, so….. NO SWORD TRANING FOR ME! YAY!” Percy cheered.

“Here we go again…”

A/N Hey, this is the end of my story, but I’m making a Percy’s Big Mistake #2. Here’s a sneak peek.

“Lord Zeus, Percy and Chiron, are skipping sword training .Again. Just to see My Little Pony!”

Lord Zeus gasped in surprise.

“You, puny girl, you must buy me tickets!”

Hope you like the sneak peek. I’ll post Percy’s Big Mistake #2 later. Maybe in right away, or maybe next month. You’ll never know. By the way, Happy Yesterday Was Valentine’s Day. This is ice888cream signing off. :D Forever. (On this story)

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