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It is difficult to say what one truly believes without faking. You run the risk of being socially unacceptable if you do not believe what the majority stands for, but if you are not independent enough from that baseline ideology you're considered boring, or unoriginal. It is unoriginality that is the better of the two--it is far more socially lucrative to be like everyone else than to be your own person. It is the classic double standard, the intelligent unoriginals are treated like friends publically, but are ignored altogether unless the are useful. One of the few agreements I have with Jesus is that the meek will inherit the earth, but I do not mean the poor or powerless. Stupidity will inherit the earth. 

This fundamental idea is one that people will lie about. It is unacceptable to see others as less intelligent than yourself--you must see everyone as equals. Yet, in our minds, we routinely call each other stupid. Why do we not do this aloud? Is it out of politeness? Or is politeness a tool used by the majority to suppress the thoughts and feelings of its members? You will not find this forgiving behavior between the strong of mind. It is my opinion that every person has unlimited potential, but none of them achieve it. I also believe that most people intentionally prohibit themselves from mental progression, to the point of regression. Why we do this as a society has always fascinated me, and, I think I have an answer.


It is jealousy that segregates the stupid from the smart, the meek from the powerful. Society is a democracy, a dictatorship by the majority, and when the majority decides they are jealous of other people's work ethic, thoughtfulness, or mental prowess, they will persecute them because they have not achieved any of those milestones themselves. This collective envy of those who have more than yourself makes it unpopular to have more--it explains the movements against the "1%", the aristocracy, while simultaneously wishing you were one of the aristocracy yourself. You will see every person as an equal, but the truth of the matter is that you are very unequal from everyone else, and that is a good thing. What seperates man is not race, religion, or ideology; it is what you achieve in this life. I do not mean to say that personal wealthiness is the pinnacle of life. The pinnacle of life is personal growth, the understanding that you can always be better, and that being average is the most dangerous of traps to keep you from being great.

The first step to greatness is admitting that you know nothing, and from the point of that admittance onwards, you are better than you were before.

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