Cahpter 5

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"Matt! I missed you so much." I yelled

"I'm so glad you came with nash!"

"YA me too, wait I have someone for you to meet." I said before he left.

"This is bestfriend!"

"Oh hello there, I'm matt."

I look over and she is fan girling so much!

"Ya, I know who you are!" Lauren said

"Well I'm gonna get going!" matt said

"Ok bye matt" I said as I waved

"Hey lauren lets go downstairs and get some food!"


We went downstairs and suddenly comes up right behind me. I bet it was cameron.

"I'm abby" I get a tap on my back from lauren. "ITS CAMERON DALLAS!"

"OMG I know Lauren."

"Well who is this beautiful girl over here?"

I guess he doesn't have feelings for me anymore. player.

"This is bestfriend"

"Omg I can't belive this is happening!" lauren said screaming.

"Just calm down." I said laughing

We decided to go upstairs just me and lauren.

"So umm you and matt?"

"Nahhhh....i wish though"😂

"What about you and cameron?"

"Idk that was so unexpected. he didn't even know I existed until today!"

I don't even know what is happening right now. we just decided to go to bed since we were on the plane all day today.

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