Airplane to America

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        "Luke Hemmings. Let. Me. The. Fuck. Go."

        "I can't Cal, Mikey has to go with Ashton."

        "But.. he can't. I.. I won't allow it."

I walk up to where Calum and Luke are standing and make their 'hug' a group hug. Ashton, unfortunately, drags me away though.

        "I'm sorry Cal, but we gotta go now if we're going to make our plane. Mike'll text you when we land, promise."

We're all crying and saying brief 'I'll miss you's' and before I know it, i'm already on the plane, buckling up. I have a stupid window seat, and Ashton was placed behind me. I turn to talk to him, but he's already got his earbuds in and drumming with his fingers on his jeaned legs. Perfect....

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